Dom Pérignon P2 2000 and Vintage 2009 now in Malaysia

Perfect for all the upcoming festivities.

Few things help make a celebration that much more special than a glass of bubbly, especially if the glass in hand contains one Dom Pérignon’s exceptional champagne selections. The renowned vintage wine house unveiled its much-anticipated Dom Pérignon P2 2000 and Vintage 2009 at a decadent pairing lunch, hosted by brand ambassador Pierre-Louis Araud. “Dom Pérignon does not have a secret recipe locked up in a safe somewhere. Over the years, vintage after vintage contributes to the heritage of the brand,” Araud said in his opening remarks. The afternoon showcased the brilliant flavours of these vintage tipples, accentuated by Chef Darren Chin’s brilliant creations.

The meal began with an amuse bouche that teased the palate with a clever play on flavour, true to the skills and style of DC Restaurant’s Chin. The dish combined the flavours of the sea with silky smooth wild French oysters and creamy, lightly smoked cured butterfish. Accompanying these was a charcoal rice cracker with delicately placed semut flowers providing variety in texture.

Dom Pérignon P2 2000 (left) leaves a warmer trail on the palate than the Vintage 2009, which is zesty with stronger fruity hints

We started on a high note with the chef’s signature dish — takao cold somen topped with Ogawa murasaki uni, also a personal favourite of mine. The slippery somen coupled with the velvety decadence of the sea urchin paired exceptionally well with the ripe notes of the Vintage 2009. Both were creamy and rich and the vintage and the cold dish set the bar high for the dishes that followed, and I would find that they certainly delivered.

The second course featured Scottish langoustines served mi cuit with fermented juices, burrata, fresh horseradish and ikura. The flavour profile of this dish was clean and refined, just like its presentation, allowing the sweet notes of white peach and nectarine to really shine through.

Next up was an ever-so-slightly charred portion of Galician octopus served alongside mango curry cream, winged bean salad and squid oil. Its vibrant colours were indicative of the strong flavours of the dish, which complemented the vintage beautifully. The octopus was cooked to perfection, resulting in a satisfying medley of flavours with just the right amount of chewiness. The Vintage 2009 paired very well with the seafood-based dishes and opened up to reveal flavours of woody vanilla as well as warm, lightly toasted brioche.

Galician octopus with mango curry cream, winged bean salad and squid oil

The star of the show was revealed during the main course of French quail served with braised chayote tamarind and jus de viande. Araud introduced it by describing its exquisite complexity. “Dom Pérignon’s 2000 Vintage is Dom Pérignon and a little more,” he said.

The P2 2000 is a more complex expression of the second “Plénitude” of Dom Pérignon’s 2000 Vintage, which was first presented in 2008. On the palate, the P2 2000 is vibrant, with a rich, creamy mouth feel and aromas of brioche mingling with orange peel and dry fruit.

For dessert, we had pear tart with pistachio, frangipani and wild tualang honey gelato — perfect to satiate a sweet tooth — as we sipped more of the delicious P2 2000. The viscosity of the vintage is understated and each sip reveals smoky accents and a mingling of liquorice and toasted malt.

Comparing the vintages, the P2 2000 is lively and leaves a warmer trail on the palate than the Vintage 2009, which is zesty with stronger fruity hints. Whichever one may prefer, both undoubtedly are excellent selections for the upcoming season of celebrations.


The Dom Pérignon P2 2000 and Vintage 2009 are priced at RM1,569.86 and RM615.86 respectively. See here for more information. 

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