Explore a Japanese city through Google Japan’s ‘Dog View’

Warning: Cuteness overload ahead.

(Photo: Google Japan)

They say the best way to explore a new place is through a local guide. But it’s even better if said guide is a loyal and furry companion who’s good with directions. Thanks to a partnership between Odate, Japan and Google, you can now view the city through the perspective of cute Akitas.

Akita dogs are native to Odate, a city in the Akita prefecture that thrives on mineral mining and forestry. The most famous Akita canine known to humans would be – you guessed it – Hachikō, who was enshrined as a bronze statue in Shibuya station for his loyalty towards his owner. To honour the dog breed’s ties to the city, two working Akita dogs named Ako and Asuka were brought in to capture sights of the city through Google ‘Dog View’.


With cameras strapped to dog-friendly harnesses, the two pups went on an adventure, from traversing a snowy mountain trail, the city’s open-air hot spring foot bath, Roken Shrine and of course, the Akita Dog Museum. And true enough, the ‘Dog View’ is as cute as it sounds – images of fluffy heads and poofy, curled tails were interspersed with gorgeous scenery of wintry landscapes.

Google has plans to capture new locations that are more popular with locals. Go here if you want an Akita to lead you on a virtual Google Maps tour. 


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