London's Battersea Power Station springs into action with a ‘Botanical Atelier’

The embroidery pop-up will sit alongside the immersive ‘Field of Dreams’ art installation by British contemporary artist Claire Luxton.

As part of the exhibition, this portrait will be suspended from the ceiling of the Power Station’s Art Deco Turbine Hall A (All photos: Battersea Power Station)

Add floral flair to your spring fashion and homeware purchases when you shop at Battersea Power Station, London this month. Designed by British contemporary artist Claire Luxton in partnership with MTArt Agency, the Botanical Atelier allows shoppers to adorn their goods with bespoke, nature-inspired motifs by Luxton as well as embroiderers Rosie Brain (May 4 to 6) and The Lost Girls (evening of May 9, 10, 11 and 12) free of charge.

Located in the London landmark’s Turbine Hall A, the Botanical Atelier will form a temporary extension to Claire Luxton and MTArt Agency’s breathtaking art installation ‘Field of Dreams’, which takes inspiration from the intrinsic connection between nature, mental health, and self-awareness. These themes are encapsulated within a towering 12-metre structure and 33 layers of intricately digitally printed fabric that reveal hidden artworks as they are being explored. Luxury florist Moyses Stevens, which has a shop and flower school at Battersea Power Station, supplied all the specific botanicals used in both the sculptural installation and the accompanying activations, paying homage to their nearly 150 years of floral craftsmanship history.

At its core, Field of Dreams is a testament to the synthesis of modern digital practices with the timeless allure of historical tapestries and murals. Each layer of fabric reflects not only the vibrant hues of contemporary technology and the structure of digital layers, but also the intricate patterns and motifs reminiscent of ancient textile traditions. In this seamless blend of past and future, the artwork becomes a bridge, a nod to the enduring legacy of human creativity.


The Botanical Atelier at Battersea Power Station

“Being invited to craft a site-specific public artwork for such an iconic landmark such as Battersea Power Station has been an immense privilege. I hope that the immersive experience will be both magical and transportive for those who can visit,” says Luxton.

Not only is the Botanical Atelier scented with Penhaligon’s ‘Halfeti’ fragrance, it is also accompanied by a soundtrack or, in the words of Luxton, ‘organic soundscapes’. Additionally, rest your tired feet at Searcys Champagne Bar in Turbine Hall A to sample a limited-edition Field of Dreams-inspired cocktail created with Luxton that will be added to the bar’s menu for as long as the artwork is on display.

The spring/summer celebration at Battersea Power Station does not stop there. Take part in an inspiring panel talk on May 9 (5 to 8pm) with fashion and beauty experts, including hair stylist Paul Edmonds from Battersea Power Station’s Paul Edmonds Hair & Beauty Salon.


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