Lucky recipients of BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Grant to receive RM10,000 each

The funds will be used to boost local performing arts companies and production houses.

Boh Cameronian Arts Awards organiser Kakiseni recently announced that it was providing grants for new productions to energise the performing arts sector (All photos: Boh Cameronian Arts Awards)

Kakiseni announced earlier this year that RM15,000 worth of BOH Cameronian grants for new productions would be awarded to 15 performing arts companies, giving them the chance to recover after the past two difficult years. However, when 70 applications came flooding in, BOH chose to increase its funding to RM200,000 for 20 allotted spots. This generous move comes after the decision to forego the annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in order to focus resources on those who have struggled in the sector.

The lucky ones — from different organisations, institutions, performing arts companies, coalitions and individuals — were handpicked by a panel comprising Aida Redza, Fasyali Fadzly, Paul Augustin and Sharmini Ratnasingam. Each of the 20 companies received grants worth RM10,000 each.

“BOH is pleased to once again have the opportunity to journey with the arts community as we navigate the endemic phase and easing of restrictions. It’s certainly wonderful to be able to look forward to the live shows after more than a two-year hiatus, says Jason Foo, CEO of BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd.


CEO of BOH Plantations, Jason Foo

“It is our hope that the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Grant, which we are offering for the second year, will in some measure help recipients as they undertake the staging of new productions. As in the previous year, BOH believes funds earmarked for the staging of the annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards will be better served by directly channelling them to assist performing arts practitioners in this challenging period.”

Kakiseni worked on the logistics and administration of the BOH Cameronian Grants for New Productions programme for submissions. President Low Ngai Yuen says, “Putting a show together involves so many components and can be quite overwhelming, especially after going through such turbulent times. We need to start with baby steps. Many are still cautious, after all, about putting up a large show, especially when we’re still surrounded by fears and uncertainties such as if the economy were to slump again.


Wayang Kitchen is one of the recipients this year

“We hope these grants will provide a little boost to the local performing arts companies and production houses, as well as give smaller players a chance to be more self-sustaining by covering some of the costs involved in putting up a new play or smaller production.” 

Low adds that Kakiseni has been happy to start the judging process again for the 2023 arts awards show, and all are invited to submit applications soon.

To see the list of grant recipients or for more information, see here.

This article first appeared on Jul 11, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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