Win an Ivan Lam artwork through Wei-Ling Gallery’s first online art programme

One winner will be awarded with the actual artwork valued at RM15,000.

The 'Ivan Lam Giveaway' shows that anyone can stand a chance to win an artwork by one of the most prominent names in the Malaysian contemporary art scene (Photo: The Edge)

Many artists are seeking an antidote to the static encounters we have with art in the modern age. One way of achieving that is to democratise an industry that is seemingly inclusive, elitist and desperate to remain as such. 

Challenging the conventional gallery system, contemporary artist Ivan Lam — one of four Malaysian artists to represent Malaysia at the country’s first ever National Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia in 2019 — marries both his conceptual concerns and interest in using art as a collective platform to benefit a social cause. 

By opening up the opportunity for everyone to participate, the Ivan Lam Giveaway — curated and organised by Wei-Ling Gallery — aims to subvert the practice of collecting artwork through the complete restructuring of art buying’s typical form.

For just RM100, anyone can purchase a ticket online here to be entered into a lucky draw. Levelling the chances for everyone, the lottery system defies the notion that “high art” only belongs to the “high society”. 

Ivan Lam Giveaway.jpeg

'Immortality' by Ivan Lam (Graphite pencils on 300gm semi-gloss Fontaine paper, 82cm x 58.5cm, 2019)

Art, an agent of change that tears down cultural and geographical boundaries, will also help create a platform to inspire action. The proceeds raised from the giveaway will be channelled to support UNICEF in advancing the rights and well-being of every child — a cause Lam is passionate about. 

“I believe in this programme and that we can all give back to the society that has been side-lined and underprivileged. Art can be a platform where people can come together to do something special and powerful, collectively,” he said.

Lam is known for his extensive repertoire, which has been collected by reputed institutions in Malaysia, Europe and the US. He was also the first and only Malaysian artist selected to present a one-man project at Art Basel Hong Kong’s inaugural fair in 2013. 


The giveaway website goes live on April 1, 2020 (Wednesday) at noon, Malaysian time. 

For more information, see Wei-Ling Gallery’s website or call 017 372 7616.

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