Experience coffee the way locals do with Nespresso's new World Explorations flavours

This range of espressos transport your tastebuds to Paris, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro.

The Istanbul Espresso has a balance of both bitter-roasted and fruity notes, with a touch of acidity and an almond finish (All photos: Nespresso)

Allow your tastebuds to travel with the help of Nespresso’s three new additions to the World Explorations range. This collection allows you to experience coffee the way the locals do in Paris, Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro. This range of espressos is all about new global flavours that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

The World Explorations Paris Espresso takes its cues from the city’s rich café culture. Transporting your tastebuds to a Parisian terrace, overlooking the vibrant sights and sounds of the city of love, this coffee features a blanched blend of lightly roasted Latin American Arabica beans as well as the strong power of Vietnamese Robusta. The Paris Espresso is said to have a delicate bitterness with cereal and citrus notes, and can be enjoyed black or with milk. Elevate your experience with a French pastry or two.


The most balanced of Nespresso's World Explorations range, the Paris Espresso's delicate bitter and citrus notes enliven its mild cereal and biscuit character

Taking inspiration from traditional Turkish coffee houses that serve up intense and bold brews, reminiscent of wild ripe fruits and a hint of almond, the World Explorations Istanbul Espresso is a thick and a velvety cuppa that celebrates the rich history of ancient coffee trade routes of the city. Much like Turkish coffee, this espresso brings together Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta, and should be enjoyed with a glass of water on the side or perhaps a bite of Turkish Delight.

Finally, the World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso is true to the heritage and roots of the country’s coffee-growing and drinking culture. Made with Brazilian Arabica, this coffee is both velvety and rich, with herbal and sandalwood notes. The brew is best enjoyed as a double espresso with hot water. Or, if you prefer cappuccino, add a dash of milk.

This range of coffees is available for RM24.50 per sleeve. To purchase or for more indulgent recipes, visit nespresso.com.


This article first appeared on Apr 11, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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