Fine dining restaurant Potager and Enchanté Patisserie treat diners to a symphony of sweets

‘L’Art de la Pâtisserie’ is Potager’s first dessert collaboration.

The kaya butter paris-brest by Chef Wei Loon (Photo: Enchanté)

With more and more chefs making cameo appearances in each other’s kitchens, it was a matter of time before some of the city’s top toques pop up at a restaurant near you. At the end of this month, head pastry chef Nico Ooi of Potager — which opened to rave reviews since its debut last September at Bamboo Hills, Kuala Lumpur — as well as Enchanté co-founder and chef Tan Wei Loon combine forces to bring you an afternoon of sweets.

The pair first connected in 2023 during a working visit to the famed Harum Manis mango farm, where they discovered how their backgrounds almost mirror each other: Both studied the art of pastry in France, kickstarted their careers in Singapore and now practise their craft in Malaysia.


Left: Tan and Ooi

Ooi and Tan, known for their finesse in the kitchen, use more than just flour and sugar as their medium. Similarities between the duo go as far as reinventing desserts by spotlighting Malaysian ingredients such as fruits, herbs and aromatics ranging from coconut and pandan to lemongrass. 

Diners can expect five courses of delicious treats, starting with a surprise dish, followed by four pâtisserie creations. Bring home a memory of your experience in the form of a take-home gift box.

Guest chef Tan is best known for testing the boundaries of desserts, whether he is lifting the humble cake to top tier or turning geometry into edible sculptures by infusing European pastry techniques. After winning the Asia Pastry Cup in 2014 and 2018, he took home the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2019.


Shine muscat with aloe vera and lime by Chef Nico (Photo: Potager)

Creative sparks are expected to set off in Potager’s test kitchen Escape, which gathers some of the brightest culinary minds to inspire new gastronomic encounters. A rotating roster of chefs, from novices to industry heavyweights, will hold court at this collaborative playground that uncovers talent locally and internationally.

Potager, guided by executive chef Masashi Horiuchi, aims to “celebrate the hands that laboured” by putting high-quality producers at the forefront. Read our review of the restaurant in Options this week (Mar 11).


L’Art de la Pâtisserie: A Symphony of French Finesse & Malaysian will take place at Escape, Potager KL, Bamboo Hills on Mar 30. First seating 2.30pm-4pm; second seating, 4.30pm-6pm. RM210+.

Reservations open at 10pm via


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