Hendrick's opens world's first underwater bar in Madrid

The Neptunia Pubmarine coincides with the release of the brand's limited edition gin-tonic.

Attendees got to taste a cocktail underwater thanks to the latest generation of specially-designed scuba tanks for this purpose (All photos: Hendricks)

Hendrick’s has opened the world’s first underwater bar in Madrid, Spain. The Neptunia Pubmarine is an incredible immersive experience during which guests may indulge in Hendrick’s gin and tonic in the most unusual way.

The opening of the Neptunia Pubmarine coincides with the gin brand’s newest limited-edition gin-tonic Neptunia, concocted with refreshing botanicals picked from the Scottish coast. The spirit is said to embody the magic and wonder of the sea.

The Neptunia Pubmarine itself is designed in a Victorian style, and guests who are brave enough will have the opportunity to dive into the depths of the sea to take a seat at the bar that sits on the ocean floor.


Neptunia is a gin that’s fittingly named after the God of the Sea

With the help of specially designed scuba tanks, you can enjoy cocktails underwater while surrounded by all manner of marine animals, including sharks, cownosed rays, turtles and, if you are very lucky, mermaids.

Henrick’s has also partnered Seagrass Project — an environmental charity that focuses on conservation of marine ecosystems and fundraising for marine biodiversity — for this project. Funds from Neptunia’s sales will be donated to the Seagrass Project for its initiatives.

Watch the video below:

This article first appeared on May 30, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.

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