Cover story: Datin Grace Yeoh, managing partner of Shearn Delamore & Co

The first-ever lady managing partner for the law firm talks about her legal career and how she transfers her knowledge every day.

(Photography by Edmund Lee)

Quite frankly, lawyer Datin Grace Yeoh is nothing like what I had expected, having imagined the managing partner of law firm Shearn Delamore & Co to be authoritative, firm and perhaps a little curt. But she is far from the tough-gal lawyer stereotype. Warm, friendly and chatty, Yeoh does not seem guarded or overly cautious during our hour-long chat. No power-hungry female boss here either, Yeoh proves that you can be an effective leader whom everyone respects while staying true to a kind and nurturing nature.

Although she is Shearn’s first-ever female managing partner, Yeoh glosses over the fact. “It had to happen sometime simply because there are so many women who now stay long enough at law firms. It so happened that at Shearn, it was me. But yes, it is quite odd when you think about it. It did take them more than 100 years to get here,” she laughs.

As it turns out, Yeoh has a delightful sense of humour and I spend much of our time together trying not to burst out laughing at her witty puns and clever comebacks.



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