Yuna and Adam Sinclair tie the knot in Puncak Rimba

The lush venue in Bentong, Pahang contributed to a memorable day of outdoor romance.

(Photo: WeddingsbyQay)

Malaysian darling and international artiste, Yunalis Mat Zara’ai (better known as Yuna) and director Adam Yousof Sinclair – who both got engaged in August 2017 – finally tied the knot last week. Yuna, clad in an elegant lacy white dress by local fashion designer Hatta Dolmat, looked regal during the intimate ceremony attended by 300 family members and close friends from Malaysia and the US.



The reception, however, went beyond the usual traditional setup. The couple’s marriage was solemnised in Puncak Rimba, the sprawling 12-acre estate deep in the heart of verdant Janda Baik which also graced our Haven magazine cover two issues ago. Surrounded by luxuriant forest and orchards, the earthly paradise was turned into a lush wedding venue teeming with blooms in shades of red and orange.

The cluster of villas at Puncak Rimba

Puncak Rimba peddles a back-to-nature idyll, with a décor that carries design sensibilities of the Nusantara region. ‘The mish-mash of decorative elements ranging from congkak boards and brass gongs to marvellous old-fashioned Dutch lamps and large pieces of bamboo furniture sourced personally during excursions to Solo and Borobudur in Java,’ as pointed out by Options editor, Diana Khoo.

Read more about this passion project by Datuk A Shazilly Bakti, chairman of Schlumberger Drilling Services Sdn Bhd, here or see photos of Yuna’s wedding on her Instagram.


The 'Where The Water Falls' article on Puncak Rimba first appeared in Haven, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on June 5, 2017 - June 11, 2017.


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