Anya Smells: Anya Hindmarch's debut candle collection

These candles with 'scents of humour’ evoke family holidays, newborn babies and early morning routines.

Just in time for Christmas next month, Anya Hindmarch, the famed handbag designer, has just launched her first line of scented candles for the home. And don’t worry, her wry humour – which embodies most of her bags – is well-captured in her latest offering too.

Inspired by happy memories, Anya Smells is the designer's premier collection of scents. Together with the perfumer Lyn Harris, she developed fragrances that come in two sizes: 175g or 700g. Hindmarch wanted to inspire joyful moments that are practically universal. With this thought in mind, she created three candles – Sun Lotion, Baby Powder and Coffee – which evoke family holidays, newborn babies and early morning routines respectively.

Made from the finest raw materials, these hand-poured creations also exude a sense of playfulness, as evidenced by the white packaging with fun graphics from Hindmarch’s sticker shop. Not to mention, the boxes can also be twisted to create different fun phrases and googly eyed faces. She does not intend to end her line here. Hindmarch hints that these scents are part of a wider collection she will launch very soon. Watch the video below for great smelling memories:




Anya Hindmarch Smells candles are now available at the flagship store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


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