Celebrating the malletage

Louis Vuitton’s GO-14 bag is reimagined with a new classic characteristic.

Set to be an instant classic, the GO-14 features a criss-cross pattern known as the malletage.

When it comes to fashion and travel, no brand understands it better than Louis Vuitton. For the storied French maison, founded in 1854, the two are inextricably connected — it is about the joy of inspirational encounters and a passion for the finer things in life.

Monsieur Vuitton made a name for himself handcrafting custom travel trunks for the Parisian elite of the 19th century. He understood what his travel-savvy clients were looking for — meticulously made durable cases that are above all, stylish. Finding his purpose in fulfilling the impeccable tastes of his discerning clientele, the legendary trunk maker devoted himself to the “Art of Travel”. 

In 2023, Louis Vuitton women’s artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière drew inspiration from the maison’s rich trunkmaking tradition and imbued it in his latest bag: the GO14. Set to be an instant classic, the GO-14 features a criss-cross pattern — known as the malletage — across soft lambskin leather, and is accented with the now-iconic golden LV Twist Lock.


An artisan assembling the LV Twist Lock

Already a hit among celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Emma Stone, Gemma Chan, Jung Ho-yeon and Amber Liu, who were spotted carrying the bag, here are four things to know about the GO-14.

The GO-14 bag is a reiteration of one of Ghesquière earliest designs, hence the code name Ghesquière October 2014 — the date it first appeared on the runway when the FrenchBelgian designer made his debut as Louis Vuitton’s creative head for womenswear. 


A throwback to the spirit of trunk-making


Pico GO-14 Malletage in Black and Beige lambskin

Malletage refers to the criss-cross pattern on the lining inside Louis Vuitton’s earliest travel trunks — the very feature that distinguished the maison’s fine goods from those of other ateliers. The pattern was derived from the galon trim set that kept documents in place while travellers embarked on their adventures.

For his debut collection, Ghesquière rediscovered this historical innovation and brought the pattern inside out — turning it into a graphic design rendered on clothes and accessories. “There are some universal codes that exist solely in Louis Vuitton. It was about reappropriating and transposing them into a new setting,” he says.


An intricate artistic process


The making of the G0-14 bag begins with the cutting of lambskin

Putting together the GO-14 bag is no small feat, even for the maison’s highly skilled artisans. Unlike traditional quilting methods, the creative process for the malletage pattern involves more than 20 steps including the utmost meticulousness on the patina to perfect the colour’s subtle gradations and ensure a satin-feel finish and refining the colour’s subtle gradations. The highly precise technique employed to set the 17m-long trim ensures the rounded, cushiony malletage of each GO-14 bag is luxurious to the touch.


It comes in various colours and sizes


GO-14 MM in black lambskin

The GO-14 is available in three sizes — GM, MM and Mini and comes in a myriad of hues from the classic black to other captivating colours. The bag is designed to be carried in multiple ways, talking about versatility that offers mileage to any wardrobe. Wear it over the shoulder with its supple, jewel-like chain or sling it casually on the arm (the chain can be doubled thanks to an innovative groove system). It can also be styled as a classic top handle.



Explore the exquisite lambskin GO-14 collection at www.louisvuitton.com or discover them at the Louis Vuitton stores.



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