FOPE’s Black Diamond Project

A magnetic collection designed for the dynamic man.
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FOPE men’s rings upend the usual criteria that rings are not meant for everyone. The rings are designed to be a precious accessory worn all the time and reflect a bold, switched-on male identity. The ring becomes a ritual item of jewellery, a travel companion, a tool of seduction.

The pre-eminence of style, built on heritage craftsmanship 

Like luxury watches and good tailoring, fine jewellery, at its core, is a result of skilled craftsmanship and a penchant for style. From a mile away, a thoughtfully composed outfit can make a memorable first impression; upon closer viewing, discerning jewellery is what makes a lasting one.

Enter the FOPE Black Diamond collection. Quality and aesthetics are at the heart of the Black Diamond project, inspired by decades of traditional goldsmithery and dedication to fine Italian craftsmanship. The latest collection consists of an array of stunningly versatile fine jewellery that’s built for the modern man in motion. Sophisticated yet practical, FOPE’s signature designs seem to deliver the perfect blend of timeless Italian elegance and casual panache.

Made entirely from solid 18-carat white and rose gold, meticulously-chosen precious black diamonds are artfully inlayed into gold rondels and pavé that encircle the collection’s star products. The occasional black rhodium lends on added flair to the jewellery’s already striking presentation.

The iconic Novecento gold mesh, pioneered by FOPE in 1985, characterises the collection’s aesthetic. A trailblazer in modern jewellery, the mesh chain paved the way for ‘everyday luxury’ – an ethos asserting that fine jewellery can be designed to stay comfortable, versatile and beautiful throughout the day, and no matter the attire.


A blend of fine engineering and elevated artistry


The Flex’it bracelets and rings feature stretchable gold mesh chains crafted solely in 18-carat gold and rendered fully flexible thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link.

Behind the collection’s exquisite design lies equally ingenious engineering. Within its gold mesh lies an intricate system of tiny solid gold springs interwoven between clasps, making the jewellery stretchable, flexible, and importantly, easy to wear for the man on-the-go. The trademarked mechanism also prevents the jewellery from pinching the wearer’s skin.

Dating back to the brand’s establishment in 1929, this technology, called Flex’it, is a result of decades of innovation and development. In the 1950s, the family’s next-in-line skillfully combined robotics and design to produce flexible metal that straps for luxury watches. Having perfected watch-straps from gold, the next generation continued to experiment with new techniques and cutting-edge artistry, which inspired the modern-day Flex’it system.

The revolutionary Flex’it system is what truly sets FOPE in a league above its peers. Patented in 2007, the Flex’it design is an exceptional work of art that pushes the boundaries of engineering and design. The result is a range of comfortable, elegant fine jewellery that are equal parts function and flair.


Everyday luxury, with a promise of style and comfort


The epitome of everyday luxury, FOPE Flex’it bracelets are designed to be worn alone or next to a favourite timepiece.

The Black Diamond collection addresses the dynamic individual, one who desires elegance without the compromise of comfort. From morning meetings to evening Martinis, or a viewing of Monet’s modernism, the accessories they keep on them must reflect their high-powered lifestyles, ambitious in action, and unrestrained by rules.

The versatility of FOPE speaks not only to its innovative engineering but its timeless style as well. Consisting of five elegant ranges, the Black Diamond project is luxuriously wearable and highly complementary – its bold collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings can be worn alone or stacked, alongside a leather-strapped watch or beneath a crisp linen shirt. For the most elegant occasions, the men’s jewellery line also offers 18-carat gold cufflinks, enriched with diamonds.

The exceptional rarity of black diamonds imbue a further enigmatic allure to gemstone admirers of all genders. Its diverge designs finds its appeal in both men and women; a female aficionado looking for a unique contrast against usual attire will find the dramatic black embellishments of the Black Diamond a lustrous addition to her wardrobe.

Ingeniously devised and artfully envisioned, the Black Diamond collection is one that skilfully combines practicality and panache. A product of heritage craftsmanship, FOPE’s fine jewellery is a must-have everyday luxury worth investing in.

About SUEN

SUEN is a Malaysian Luxury fine jewellery boutique that has built a solid reputation among the discerning and savvy over the past decade. Known for its highly personalised and impeccable service, SUEN caters for tastemakers with its brilliant collection of the finest quality diamonds and gemstones and exclusive partnerships with internationally acclaimed fine jewellery brands.

Visit the flagship FOPE boutique at SUEN, 119, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, KL. Contact (012) 239 9029 to book a visit or for enquiries. See more here.


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