Gucci Beauty joins Animal Crossing with the launch of GG Island

Academy award-winning actor and musician Jared Leto also makes an appearance.

Join resident representative Jared Leto at the Paparazzi Zone for screenshots (All photos: Gucci Beauty)

Ever since the pandemic put the world in lockdown, people have been finding ways to cope during isolation. Whether that be a picking up a new skill or hobby (remember the sourdough fever?), many needed a distraction and relief from the constant blows of bad news. When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came to Nintendo Switch, it offered the exact form of escape we all needed or wanted: a simple life of growing flowers and fishing, of wishing on stars and building your dream home. Its allure stems from giving players a sense of control, creative freedom and the opportunity to visit friends virtually.

With the game’s surge in popularity, many brands have taken the initiative to build their own islands to host and reconnect with consumers. The latest to do so is Gucci Beauty, who has collaborated with three gamers — LexPlay, Kang Gaming and Canton.Crossing — to design GG Island, inspired by the iconic elements of the #ForeverGuilty campaign film for the Gucci Guilty scents.


The Gucci Guilty scents in the game are juxtaposed within peculiar environments, including a laundromat, supermarket and hair salon

Upon landing on GG Island, visitors are greeted by Academy award-winning actor and musician, now resident representative, Jared Leto, the face of Gucci Guilty and a long-time collaborator of the house. GG Island is designed with the brand’s distinct aesthetics in mind with a series of engaging mini games and takeaway items for players to enjoy. Similar to the campaign film, the Gucci Guilty scents in the game are juxtaposed within peculiar environments, including a laundromat, supermarket and hair salon. Visitors can also find a Paparazzi Zone for photographs — or screenshots — and an orchard consisting of ingredients representing the scents’ key olfactive notes: mandarin, lilac and patchouli.

Additionally, players can keep themselves entertained with a series of mini games, such as musical chairs, a fashion show and an obstacle course. And before they fly back to their own islands, visitors can bring home a number of specially-designed souvenirs, including Leto’s outfit, a perfume shelf filled with the scents, a tiger poster reminiscent of the creature in the film and a picnic blanket, which is a recreation of a real GG throw blanket.  


Take home a recreation of a real GG throw blanket


Access GG Island via Dream Address DA-9521-6770-1214.

Gucci Guilty EDT Pour Femme is available online at Sephora.


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