Homegrown beauty brand BlueMolly launches 'causemetic' line with eco-friendly lip crayons

The organic pick-me-up is available in five versatile colours.

Co-founders of BlueMolly from left: Yati Zainudin, Sherry Kamaruddin and Shireen Zainudin (All photos: Shahril Basri/The Edge Malaysia)

Life in lockdown inflated a classic closet problem: What parts of our style remained, and of those, which perhaps the pandemic had freed us from? Living in post-pandemic times has irrevocably changed what we put on, be it our face or body, but it all leads to the same goal: Wearing something that lifts our spirits. And what offers a slick of colour and boosts our mood than a quick swipe of lipstick?

It was precisely with this mindset that co-founders Shireen Zainudin, Sherry Kamaruddin and Yati Zainudin established BlueMolly, a local cosmetic line that made its debut with a range of organic lip crayons. These pocket-sized must-haves are just part of a bigger beauty collection (including lip glosses) that will be launched in the near future.


The homegrown brand, together with the lip crayons, were launched at OpenHouse

“The three of us were taking long walks through nature and holding meetings in a children’s play hut in our neighbourhood park. The pandemic has taken a great toll on our daily regime so we’ve decided to kick-start a project that will make people feel great again. And what’s a great pick-me-up that allows women to transition from the boardroom to a dinner date? A lipstick, of course!” says Sherry during the brand’s launch party at OpenHouse restaurant in Suria KLCC.

Painting your lips bright crimson is intense, intimidating and infused with a certain seductive symbolism but rest assured that even the most hesitant lipstick-wearer can find something that suits their taste. BlueMolly’s range comes in five attractive shades: nude, coral, red, pink and mauve. Can’t decide which to get? Mix them up, as the rich pigments allow you to layer one colour on top of another easily.


The pick-me-ups are available in nude, coral, red, pink and mauve

Although the homegrown brand is set up in Malaysia, the lipsticks are formulated with beauty experts from Germany and made in Italy. The vegan and cruelty-free options are not only gentle to the skin, but also Mother Nature as the packaging — from the box to the cap of the lipsticks — are made from biodegradable materials and recycled plastic respectively.

BlueMolly is currently available at Bungalow 18 but will soon hit selected retail outlets around the country. Each lipstick is retailing at RM78; and RM288 for a box of five.


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