Kate Spade New York's Autumn 2021 campaign captures spirit of the Big Apple through song and dance

A cast of dancers moved through the streets of the Big Apple donning the label's latest release.

Choreographer Dylan Pearce brings a sense of renewed optimism to the streets of New York (Photo: Kate Spade New York)

The playful resilience of Kate Spade New York takes centre stage in its Autumn 2021 campaign as the fashion label celebrates its hometown and the irrepressible spirit of artists. In a continuation of its year-long love letter to New York, a talented cast of city-based dancers move through the streets of the Big Apple to a modern rendition of classic tune Downtown, utilising dance as a mode of transportation.

Through their movements, choreographer Dylan Pearce brings a sense of renewed optimism to streets that were unusually quiet and lonely during the worst of the pandemic while the brand’s autumn collection by turns blends in with and stands out against iconic New York landmarks. Among the new releases are updates to the Spade Flower Jacquard collection, now expressed in graphic black and cream print with red and pink colour-block accents.

Available shapes and styles include a weekender duffle, a bucket bag and a range of handbags for the season. This continues the longstanding partnership with the family-owned Limonta mill in Northern Italy, which has been producing jacquard for over a century.



“This campaign really inspired me to think about dance in a new way,” says Pearce. “Looking at dance as a vehicle — to physically move and explore a city — was such an exciting creative challenge. I love how this campaign captures the joy of travel and movement again, especially after many months spent indoors.”

In the spirit of the campaign, Kate Spade New York will also be launching the global #KateSpadeNYOnTheMove TikTok initiative with Kelli Erdmann (@happykelli) and Alex Wong (@alexdwong), who will take viewers on a dance tour through their favourite neighbourhood hangouts and secret spots. Check out their accounts to see if they inspire you to likewise leap and pirouette through your own city.


Watch the campaign video here:



This article first appeared on Sept 13, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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