Loewe x My Neighbour Totoro: A whimsical collection set to charm Ghibli fans

The limited edition series brings forth a child-like awe in this film-to-fashion collaboration.

The collection celebrates the poetry of a Ghibli classic like My Neighbor Totoro (All photos: Loewe)

In a world so dire of healing, anxious minds can now take refuge in the reparative and magical power of animation. Taking adults a trip down their childhood, Spanish luxury brand Loewe has collaborated with Studio Ghibli — founded by maestros Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki — for a capsule collection featuring characters and scenes from a beloved classic, My Neighbour Totoro

A true cultural landmark, the 1998 masterpiece echoes Loewe’s connection with nature, the world outdoors and a sense of perpetual invention. Just like how sisters Mei and Satsuki uncovered a motley crew of mythical forest creatures after following a trail of acorns, Loewe teases our imagination by leading us into a world of possibilities, be it the loungewear-appropriate sweatshirts or intricate tapestry technique explored in tote bags.


Scenes from the animation are interpreted on biker jackets and sweaters

Fantasy landscapes from the film have also been interpreted as prints, jacquard intarsia and leather marquetry, which can be found across t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jumpers and culottes that sport relaxed and loose silhouettes. 

The film characters are featured extensively in intarsia on the surface of iconic Loewe bags where you’ll find the cuddly Totoro lounging on the cult Hammock Bag or the fuzzy, cute black dust bunnies (better known as Susuwatari) scurrying across the Puzzle Bag. The Camphor tree that Totoro is often found napping under is also brought to life with tactile taspestry embroidery.


Iconic characters such as the fuzzy dust bunnies and the cuddly Totoro make an appearance on leather accessories

“The campaign images we have created with photographer Gray Sorrenti capture the magical mood of discovery and connection with nature that is the ultimate message of My Neighbor Totoro. Models are captured in the woods as they hide, seek and find. The notion of connection is conveyed through light, while a sense of wonder permeates the ambiance and the narrative.

“The message is one of dreamy serenity and hands-on creativity – of being at one with nature and with one’s own inner child – which is especially important right now and, I think, always will be,” says Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson. 

Ghibli films are direct portals to the joys and innocence of childhood, a soothing feeling you can now wear on your sleeve, literally.


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