LV’s newest outlet at The Exchange TRX is a treat for fashion as well as interior design lovers

Expect to find the latest and most chic offerings, like the Cruise 2024 collection.

The TRX store mirrors the design of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés outlet in Paris (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

Whether you are a big spender or resolute window shopper, a stylish mall makes hours of waiting in line and strolling through various stores much more pleasurable. This is where Kuala Lumpur’s newest addition, The Exchange TRX, shines. Designed to provide the most luxurious shopping experience in town, the complex’s interior is as much a work of art as its facade, much like the Louis Vuitton boutique, the city’s latest, it houses.

Mirroring the design of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés outlet in Paris, the TRX store offers a high-end experience that starts from the main entrance, where customers are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling wall constructed from a white grid of 3D interlacing quatrefoil motifs behind giant glass panes. Waltz past the front double doors, beside the seasonal window exhibit, and you are in the foyer, which is paved with criss-cross slabs of eggshell and ecru travertine stone, the same material used in ancient Roman baths.

A pink table by French designer Etienne de Souza sits to the left of the foyer, the circular sister piece to an oblong green edition in the men’s section towards the space’s back half. Reminiscent of peppermint sweets, the polished surface is made from hundreds of dyed-white shell chips set in resin and holds a small array of the maison’s most popular bags and accessories to whet a fashionista’s appetite.


Not one to shy away from colours and textures, the store invites clients to explore the boundaries of luxury fashion and interior design (Photo: Shahrill Basri)

Expect to find the latest and most chic offerings, like the Cruise 2024 collection, arguably one of the greatest in-store temptations here. Seafoam green, powder pink and pale yellow wearables inspired by whimsical female fairytale characters hang in a corner, close to a pair of rattan armchairs and a stone table that look like they came straight out of a lakeside resort brochure. A bronze wire-mesh screen stands between the two main shelving units, shimmering under warm overhead lights, like sun rays bouncing off the ocean.

The entryway into the women’s shoe section is guarded by the first of two totem pieces. A burnt orange and brick red installation, it can be stacked in a myriad of ways to create different forms. While trying on footwear (or waiting for your special someone to finish up), customers may perch on any of the hexagonal chairs, referred to by the Vuitton staff as molecule seats for their practical shape and size that allows them to be configured in various settings, according to need and occasion.


The complex’s interior is as much a work of art as its facade (Photo: Shahrill Basri)

And speaking of the latter, as the year-end festive season goes into full swing and malls everywhere spread holiday cheer through their decor, this LV boutique is no different. A large red-and-white toy model of a goods truck from the label’s original trunkmaker days is parked in the middle of the shop, with a wood-and-leather figurine of the house mascot, Vivienne, peeking out of the side window from the driver’s seat. Two fuzzy doudou versions, plush toys typically gifted to children, tag along for a ride on the vehicle’s roof. The X’mas Vivienne silk square is pinned up by the scarves counter, showcasing a Christmas tree ornament print, each bauble depicting the flower-faced doll getting active with a different sport.

Each detail, down to the lighting tone, has been carefully thought out. The men’s section has a dimmer, cooler atmosphere — just the thing for the male luxury fanatic. The second totem featuring Murano glass orbs casts a diffused white glow. An alcove with azure furniture accents is a sneakerhead’s paradise with shelves lined with colourful kicks. Further back, a tangerine sofa set and a mid-century warm wood-and-tile coffee table encourage customers to slow down as they browse, allowing them to find joy and meaning in the pieces that catch their eye.


Shelves lined with colourful kicks (Photo: Shahrill Basri/The Edge)

Art enthusiasts will not be disappointed either. As a testament to the brand’s commitment to creative innovation, several prints and paintings are spotted around the store — a turquoise piece by Florence Pirlot graces the women’s private salon, while a Lautaro Cuttica acrylic-on-canvas depicting sand dunes in autumnal shades against a muted blue sky hangs above the cashier. The house’s own prints, flaunting vivid hues of purple, teal and orange, add splashes of colour to the cool beige walls.

One aspect that makes this Louis Vuitton store unlike any other in the country is the incorporation of international and local influences in its interior design. A display table, conceived by India Mahdavi, the Iranian-French architect and collaborator for the maison’s Objets Nomades collection, features a leaf pattern in the curves of its rattan surface, imparting a tropical touch. Meanwhile, the women’s accessories hall boasts a white diamond screen imagined by Dutch interior designer Marcel Wanders, evoking the beauty of Middle Eastern and Islamic architecture.


The layout and furnishings give it a lush but homely ambience (Photo: Shahrill Basri/The Edge)

With online purchasing growing increasingly popular, consumers are looking to physical outlets for more than just products. By doing away with the stress most people associate with malls, the Louis Vuitton store at TRX redefines the modern shopping experience. The layout and furnishings give it a lush but homely ambience, making it a space where one wishes to linger, garnering a greater appreciation for both fashion and interior design in the process.

This article first appeared on Dec 18, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.


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