Michelle Yeoh stars in lululemon's CNY campaign

Donned in lululemon’s iconic collections, the Oscar winner, alongside theatrical dancers of Wing Chun from the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre, bring their artistry to life.

Michelle Yeoh in lululemon's CNY campaign, Be Spring (All photos: lululemon)

Ballet and battle became synonymous with Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh at an early age. After all, her background in dancing gave her the bodily control and flexibility to take on demanding roles in action blockbusters such as Yes, Madam and Tomorrow Never Dies.

Add a dash of theatrics to the choreography and Yeoh’s performance can also touch the heart. Her appearance in lululemon’s Lunar New Year campaign, albeit just a short film called Be Spring, carries that sentiment.

Perhaps it is the opening shot of Yeoh pushing open a pair of wooden doors and stepping out into the vast landscape, overlooking the spectacular view of the Jingning and Xiandu mountains. Or the way she slices the air with Wing Chun moves that focus on quiet strength rather than combat.

Our eyes are trained on the Malaysian darling, who calmly ruminates on the meaning of spring while gliding in sync with dancers from the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre. Dressed head to toe in season-appropriate offerings, the cast heralds the festive season with a choreography that represents what lululemon stands for: The meeting of the mind and body.


Yeoh shows off her martial arts roots in the campaign

Exploring the idea of well-being through the lens of Eastern culture, the film also echoes Yeoh’s emphasis on integrating physical movement into our daily routine.

“Sports have always been an important element in my life, and I am committed to helping more people, especially younger generations, benefit from them. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with these professional dancers to reinterpret Wing Chun. Having our inner spring all year round is a superpower,” says the versatile actress and former stuntwoman.

In tandem with the campaign, lululemon has unveiled limited-edition pieces that will infuse your athleisure wardrobe with a jolt of festivity. Look out for a suede pullover inspired by the unique shape formed by overlapping dragon scales or a balloon-sleeve jacket made with satin fabric that will help you transition from day to night.

Watch the video below:



This article first appeared on Jan 29, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.


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