Superstar Yuna collaborates with demi-fine jewellery label 'Kin to release limited-edition hoops

Available in rhodium and 18-carat gold vermeil, the earrings draw inspiration from the singer's edgy yet minimalistic style.

The campaign was designed around a retro 1970s theme (All photos: 'Kin)

Malaysian demi-fine jewellery label ‘Kin has collaborated with Yuna on a new pair of hoops inspired by the international singer-songwriter. The limited-edition 1.5in Yuna Hoops reflect its namesake’s trendsetting style, with the unexpected folds in the wide, flat planes of the loops creating a decidedly contemporary aesthetic.

Known for hit singles such as Live Your Life, produced by Grammy Award-winning Pharrell Williams, and Crush featuring Usher, Yuna has also become a fashion icon with her vibrant ensembles, in which hoops are a staple.

“I love that the design is very minimal and classy — it reminds me of a relaxing day out at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, looking at art and artefacts,” says Yuna.

“I’m not a huge fan of fast fashion and prefer to wear demi-fine jewellery as they last longer and are more sustainable. I’m really happy that I found ‘Kin. I think we speak the same style language.”


The Yuna Hoops feature a unique twisted design

‘Kin co-founders Athiya Hamid and Zaireen Iskandar agree, stating that the artiste was a natural muse for them. “Yuna has become synonymous with bold and contemporary jewellery, especially hoops.

She has a very distinct style and confidently owns it, which makes her an inspiration to her fans and followers. We wanted to create a pair of hoops that represented her and that she could call her own, so we worked closely together on this unique piece,” they said in a statement.

In keeping with a fun campaign designed around a retro 1970s theme, the Yuna Hoops are playful yet practical and carry effortlessly from day to night. They are available in a rhodium edition as well as a luxe 18-carat gold vermeil version finished with a high-quality and durable golden lustre, which retail at RM720 and RM820 respectively. Find out more here.


This article first appeared on Jul 12, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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