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Australian furniture label King Living takes the crown for exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable design.

The reputable Australian furniture brand that has been furnishing the abodes of discerning homeowners for 45 years.

In a time where the home has become one’s safest haven, it is imperative that the space in which we rest, relax, recharge and reunite with loved ones be a place that gives us comfort, peace and joy. The items that have earned a place in our homes are what set the scene for the memories that we eventually make in it, be it watching TV on the couch with the kids, toasting to long-time friends at the dining table or just snuggling up in your favourite seat after a long day. The establishment of the perfect sanctuary lies in how it offers its inhabitants refuge and respite, but this need not be at the cost of another.

There has never been a more intense public outcry over the need for environmental conservation and preservation than in the past few decades. And rightfully so, considering the impact of climate change has been in the red. But where companies scramble under pressure to change their ways, go green and adopt sustainable practices, it was business as usual for King Living, the reputable Australian furniture brand that has been furnishing the abodes of discerning homeowners for 45 years.

The intention for sustainability had been set from the very beginning. Ever since founder David King caught sight of a pile of unwanted furniture thrown out on the sidewalk for rubbish collection in suburban Sydney, he decided that the furniture he built would last a lifetime rather than end up in a landfill. Since then, the brand’s commitment towards environmental sustainability has not gone unnoticed, having been awarded the FMIAA and NSW Environment Protection Authority award back in 1999.

“We believe that protecting our future has never been more critical, and sustainability is at the core of everything that we do,” declares David. And he meant that word for word. By managing the entire production process, King Living is able to retain complete control of quality and all sustainable outcomes, from inception to fruition. It is also easier to introduce and implement new methods and practices along the way, such as using recyclable materials and increasing manufacturing and delivery efficiency, that can instigate a big difference over time.

Much of the brand’s success is owed to its wide range of thoughtfully designed furniture that not only exudes timelessness, but will also stand the test of time. Customers get peace of mind knowing that their pieces will only fall into the hands of their loved ones who inherit them or the company’s artisans and craftspeople for repair and refurbishment. And, if necessary, King Living is happy to take back the furniture at the end of its lifespan and extract its components to be repurposed and recycled. The circular model is inveterate and that keeps unnecessary wastage, pollution and carbon footprint at bay.

The durability of King Living furniture is made possible largely due to a number of sustainable choices that have been established from the get-go. They last decades mainly because of their steel frames, which are precision engineered from high-grade galvanised steel and come with a 25-year warranty. The frame is spot welded at key stress and weight-bearing areas to ensure the furniture is robust and solid. However, its flexibility also enables the King Living signature modular designs, which not only in reconfigure your living room as and when you please, but also reduce wasted space in transport containers, thus lowering the brand’s carbon footprint.


Much of the brand’s success is owed to its wide range of thoughtfully designed furniture that not only exudes timelessness, but will also stand the test of time

In terms of textile, wastage is minimised by maximising as much fabric as possible in a single roll. Offcuts are donated to charities and initiatives — including Australian organisations Global Sisters and Reverse Garbage — to be repurposed. Moreover, recyclable cardboard boxes are used during delivery to reduce the need for plastic packaging. At every possible juncture where a greener method can be employed, it has materialised. Most recently, King Living started incorporating fabric made from recycled plastic bottles into its collection.

“Sustainability is ingrained in our process of developing new materials, and is also a large consideration when it comes to our suppliers, who share the same goals as us in working towards a more sustainable future for the industry,” says fabric and textile development manager Sebastian Nash. The designers and production team often work hand in hand to ensure raw material is optimised wherever possible. An example would be an ongoing tableware range that will use offcuts from porcelain sheets used in manufacturing its dining tables.

The consumer’s perspective has, of course, also been taken into consideration. Customers can inject a new look into their living spaces from time to time by replacing the removable covers on their sofa. And to make sure the covers are long-lasting, they can opt for King Care, which ensures the fabric and leather furniture maintains its looks, performance and value over the years. As part of the package, one can also consider KingGuard+, a fabric safeguard that protects, preserves and extends the life of your treasured living room pieces. This non-toxic, water-based formula is designed specifically for the textiles used in its sofas, beds, chairs, ottomans and cushions. To top it off, as it is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice programme, the soft furnishings from King Living are perfectly suitable for those suffering from allergies and asthma. This allows those with respiratory sensitivities to breathe easy in their own homes.

After 45 years of offering exceptional modular furniture, the King Living innovative core and ethos for the environment is still the compass that guides the company. Producing furniture that will last a lifetime is one thing, but to do it with as little environmental impact as possible is another. These are pieces that complement the lifestyles of their mindful owners and are designed to evolve alongside this generation and the ones to come.

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