Breakup Tours app: Mend your broken heart by travelling around the world

Solo travel activities for the newly-single.

Clients are given a customised Break-Up First-Aid Kit before their trips (All photos: Breakup Tours)

So the person you saw yourself spending forever with has walked out, leaving you hurt and lonely. Do not just hug the couch or rain tears on your ice cream. Pull out your suitcase, throw in your best clothes and get set for a healing adventure.

A new app called Breakup Tours is offering various “heart-healing and soul-cleansing travel experiences around the world”, says Lonely Planet. Its creators believe travel can help with emotional release and lead people to try or learn something new and gain a fresh perspective on life. Besides mending broken hearts, they hope app users will see the benefits of, and enjoy, solo travel.


The app recommends a wide variety of travel experiences around the globe according to your mood

Based out of Hong Kong, the company behind Breakup Tours targets the recently single, who can select suggested activities according to their mood, preferred date of travel and destination. Users can also join different circles of travellers who are nearby to help them make friends while on the road.

The app, available in English and Chinese for the iPhone and iPad, has more than 100 activities lined up around the world. Download the app here.


This article first appeared on Jan 6, 2019 in The Edge Malaysia. 


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