Join now: Airbnb to fund your dream home for US$1 million

The panel of judges includes regular red carpet favourite, Billy Porter.

The Camaya Bali Magical Bamboo House is made from sustainable materials, chiefly bamboo (All photos: Airbnb)

Forget about living in your dream house – you can now build one, all funded by Airbnb, the community-based online platform for listing and renting local homes.

Called the Unique Airbnb Fund, the competition has set aside US$1 million to finance the most “unconventional, creative and unique livable spaces on the planet”. Whether you’re looking to build a fantasy home that resembles a baked potato in Idaho or a boot in Tasman, New Zealand, the fund is meant to empower anyone to design an extraordinary house idea and share it with travellers all over the world.


The six-tonne spud is actually a tiny house you can rent on Airbnb

Naturally, a never-before-seen home idea that captures the imagination of visitors will win the competition. You can apply to the contest by writing an essay about your wild idea.

On the judging panel are Emmy, Tony and Grammy award-winning actor Billy Porter, Kristie Wolfe (the Airbnb Superhost who created a hobbit house and the aforementioned potato house) and architectural design firm MVRD. Not only they’re after inventive homes in unusual shapes and sizes, the judges will be looking into environmental sustainability elements such as using recycled materials, smart irrigation and waste reduction.

"You don’t need a red carpet to make a fashion statement. Your home is the perfect place to practice self-expression and bring your most authentic self to the table,” said the regular red-carpet favourite Porter.

The houses are expected to be built from June to December.


The Unique Airbnb Fund is now open until 11:59pm EST on April 15, 2020. The winners will be selected by the panel of judges by May 15, 2020. For more information or to see the official rule, see Unique Airbnb Fund Official Rules.


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