Review: Malaysian Airlines' business class offers some of the best seats in the sky

The in-flight highlights make the price tag worthwhile.

The aircraft's interior combines modernity with refined traditional touches (All photos: Malaysian Airlines)

Let us face it – long-haul flights, whether for work or play, are tedious and tiring, and there is nothing quite like being crammed like sardines in Economy to make the journey extra unpleasant. Though the splurge for Business Class can be jaw-dropping to say the least, the elevated comfort and luxury can not only make your voyage a lot more bearable but even have you wishing to rewind time as the plane descends to the tarmac. 

If a plush experience is what you seek for during your next take off, look no further than Malaysia Airlines’ Business Class. Mixing modernity with refined traditional touches, the cabin treats jetsetters to a top tier experience well before setting foot on an aircraft. 


Take five at the Golden Lounge while waiting to board

As usual, priority check-in and baggage drop-off lanes ensure you need not wait long in line. Travellers departing from KLIA are invited to refresh and relax at the Golden Lounge, of which there are three studded throughout the Satellite building as well as the main and domestic terminals. While the calm and cushy space allows one to escape the hectic airport scramble to reset or sneak in some last-minute work, those who wish to dine before flying might find themselves more satisfied by the offerings at Food Garden on Level 2 or better yet, saving space for the in-flight meals. 

Upon boarding, all Business Class passengers are swiftly directed to their seats, and depending on your route and aircraft, you may find yourself in the cosy embrace of the flat-bed variety that is sure to make overnight flights go by in a wink. Welcome drinks (champagne or juice) are served almost immediately and warm greetings from the cabin crew follow suit. Amenity kits courtesy of Aspinal of London are handed out shortly after take off and contain the usual suspects — an eye mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, facial spray, hand cream and aromatherapy roller-ball — to help you look and feel revitalised throughout the journey. 


A must-have on board has to be the succulent satay

Now, the crowning glory of Malaysia Airlines’ Business Class has to be the premium meal service. Regardless of where you are flying to, the menu is bound to feature a mix of local and international dishes. The nasi lemak, served on several routes including the one KUL-MEL route is a rendition of the country’s national dish that ticks all the necessary boxes — fragrant coconut milk rice, a sambal that balances spicy and sweet and, most importantly, a generous quantity of crunchy peanuts and anchovies. Other main course options such as the Hainanese chicken rice and stir-fried Hokkien noodles, are also perfectly acceptable examples of familiar comfort foods. The absolute winner, however, has to be the succulent satay topped with savoury peanut sauce and served with a refreshing side of cucumber and red onion — totally worth cutting your nap short for meal service. 

Delicious food options may be, the best part about flying Business with Malaysia Airlines is definitely the unparalleled warmth and friendliness of the cabin crew. From the pursue swinging by to welcome you aboard and to bid you farewell, to the highly attentive service provided by each attendant, the airline’s famous campaign tagline ‘Malaysian Hospitality’ (which cheekily coincides with its IATA code ‘MH’) becomes more than just a phrase, but principle and practice.


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