Cartier reinvents the Tank Française after 27 years

Rami Malek and Catherine Deneuve star in a campaign film directed by Guy Ritchie.

The yellow gold model with diamonds (All photos: Cartier)

The Cartier Tank is by far one of the world’s most distinguishable timepieces. Fashioned after the tanks of WWI battlefields by Louis Cartier in 1917, its defining vertical brancards and sapphire cabochon are elements that have made it a symbol of understated elegance.

In 1996, an integrated metal bracelet was introduced with the Tank Française — its name referring to a French state of mind that balances classicism and freedom of style. The addition highly contributed to the model’s success, advancing a design that left an ineffaceable impression of timelessness in the minds of many. The watch remained essentially unchanged for over a quarter of a decade, but now Cartier is introducing a new heir to take its place.

The French brand has managed to completely revamp the Tank Française while maintaining the signature codes that make it recognisable. The redesign boasts cleaner lines and more refined details. The brancards are a touch more rounded and the crown is inlaid to match its profile. The bracelet is more supple and integrates better into the case design. A satin finish is employed throughout the timepiece, giving it an elevated lustre.


The redesign boasts cleaner lines and more refined details

The new Tank Française is available in steel and 18-karat yellow gold, with the former offered in three sizes and the latter only in small and medium, with the option of a diamond-set bezel. They are all powered by a quartz movement, save for the large steel model, which is the only mechanical movement with automatic winding. The gold models have a champagne sunray-brushed dial with black Roman numerals while the steel models sport the same details in cool silver.  

For the launch of the new Tank Française, Cartier teamed up with director extraordinaire Guy Ritchie to produce a film that captures the watch’s avant-garde spirit. Starring Rami Malek and Catherine Deneuve in the heart of Paris, the film is a tribute to cinema and the idea of creative freedom upheld by the brand. Watch it below:



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