Forerunner 165 series: Garmin launches affordable AMOLED running watch

The device, which helps to personalise your training plans and provides wellness insights, offers more for less.

The 165 series supports race adaptive training plans — or plans that adjust based on your metrics, race day, or any goals you might have put into the Garmin Connect app (Photo: Garmin)

Staying on top of one’s health has never been more important. And some of us, trained athletes and beginners alike, can use all the help we can get.

Enter Garmin’s latest releases — the Forerunner 165 Series and HRM-Fit, fashioned specifically to make all fitness goals attainable by offering personalised training regimes and top-tier health metrics.

Affordable without skimping on quality, the Forerunner 165 Series promises a seamless experience for athletes of all experience levels. Coming in two variations — Forerunner 165 and Forerunner 165 Music — the smartwatch boasts a bright Amoled display for easy reading, responsive touchscreens, music storage and a five-button design.



Other highlights include Race Adaptive Training Plans, which suggest daily workouts and training tips; improved wrist-based running power and dynamics for measuring real-time running metrics; Pulse Ox, which tracks blood oxygen saturation while asleep and awake; and the Nap Detection function that logs naps to determine the most beneficial time for and length of a midday snooze.

The HRM-Fit, the newest heart monitor, is versatile enough for various forms of exercise such as running, indoor and outdoor cycling, strength training, high-intensity interval training and more. The machine conveniently clips on to the bottom of a sports bra and does not restrict movement. Its several training tools enable it to transfer data to Garmin smartwatches and compatible fitness equipment, track one’s activity levels as well as propose training plans.

Pricing for the Forerunner 165 starts at RM1,290 and the HRM-Fit retails at RM790.

This article first appeared on Mar 18, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.



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