Franck Muller’s Vanguard Rose Skeleton bridges natural beauty and technology

Each enamel rose is hand-painted by a skilled craftsman.

Franck Muller asserts its identity by pairing the beautiful blossoms with a complex movement. (All photos: Franck Muller)

A rose in any other form would be treasured for the meaning its many petals enfold. The queen of flowers takes pride of place in Franck Muller’s Vanguard Rose Skeleton, which blends natural beauty with technological prowess.

The timepiece has femininity coursing between wrist and heart in a creation that combines function and design. The roses are not merely ornamental; cut from the bridges and bottom plate, they connect the mechanical movements, proof that aesthetics and purpose can tick in tandem. 

Retaining the iconic tonneau case and signature Cintrée Curvex shape, the Swiss manufacture’s most significant silhouette, the new Vanguard Rose Skeleton breaks the mould of quartz movements packed into thin slender cases plastered with diamonds that make up watches for women.

Franck Muller asserts its identity by pairing the beautiful blossoms — in different shades for its Color Dreams model — with a complex movement and makes a fresh statement on female empowerment at the same time. 


The roses are not merely ornamental; they connect the mechanical movements

Sitting prominently on the openwork dial are roses and leaves that seem to sprout naturally from skeletonised bridges on the front and back of this watch. Gaze at them from the front or back, and you will be mesmerised by how the multiple complications and parts of the calibre — produced in-house, manually wound and equipped with a four-day power reserve — work. 

Each enamel rose is hand-painted by a skilled craftsman, giving it the illusion of floating above the technical movement, which is enhanced with satin finishing, circular graining and hand-chamfering.

The curved caseback and supple, hand-sewn alligator strap, available in hues matching the motifs, ensure a snug fit and comfort. A folding buckle, hand-polished dial and diamonds encircling the case, with coloured inserts on both sides, complete the elegance factor.


The intricately crafted caseback

The Vanguard Rose Skeleton comes in two precious metal options (18-carat rose gold or white gold), with floral arrangements in different colours. It is water-resistant up to 30m. 

Franck Muller was established in 1992 by its namesake master watchmaker founder and watchmaking specialist and entrepreneur Vartan Sirmake. Over the last three decades, the brand has made its name with proprietary innovations and complications produced in-house in Genthod, Geneva, that dazzle and indicate advances in haute horlogerie.

This article first appeared on Jan 10, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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