Franck Muller presents Vanguard Beach collection exclusively for Asia Pacific

Three timepieces capture the essence of carefree holidays and endless possibilities through bright and fun colours.

The Vanguard Beach is available in three different colors: ocean blue, fiery red and summer green (Photo: Franck Muller)

Wrap a Franck Muller Vanguard Beach watch around your wrist and what leaps to mind are glistening blues and greens when sunlight strikes the water; a fiery ball dipping into the horizon while you lap the waves; and ripples of sand beneath your feet as you saunter from sea to shore.

The Vanguard, first introduced in 2014, now comes with a watch case constructed in a glass fibre composite with a pattern of undulating lines that give the Beach line its distinct identity. At the same time, material engineering enables the brand to precisely control the exact hues of the timepiece and match them with a tone-on-tone look for the dial and strap.

Befitting a watch designed for outdoor fun, the glass fibre is lightweight yet robust. Its density is a quarter that of steel but its mechanical strength is comparable, making the Vanguard Beach a fitting companion on carefree escapades.

Franck Muller’s curved tonneau, famed for how it combines look and comfort, adds a splash of sporty chic. Three bold colour options — fiery red, ocean blue and summer green — may be one’s only grouse: Which do you choose?



This article first appeared on Oct 16, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.

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