Omega hosts gastronomic adventure inspired by Material Difference collection

It was held to celebrate the diversity of its novelties.

The event was held at Apollo Dining in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (All photos: Omega)

The materials used to make a timepiece are what give the creation its special qualities. For instance, the case contributes to its aesthetic appeal as well as its function — as it can make the watch shock resistant, lightweight and even waterproof — depending on the substances used. Choosing between titanium and a mother-of-pearl dial can turn an ordinary timepiece into a work of art, or take it from being a sporty instrument to a dress watch. 

To celebrate the diversity of its novelties, Swiss watchmaker Omega held a materials-inspired event at Apollo Dining in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Strolling along Jalan Kemuja, it is hard to miss the entrance to Apollo Dining, which is adorned with lush green vines and plants. For this particular event, however a massive Golden Moonshine Gold Arch glitters from afar, beckoning guests into the verdant space. A few steps in and we are greeted by a gold astronaut statue, another Omega signature, as well as a pleated wall display announcing the theme: The Material Difference.

The ground floor has been done up with elements that truly represent the brand’s horological highlights, from the digital multimedia installation that features a video of Daniel Craig as agent 007 and the iconic Seamaster, to an interactive wall display with three of the Planet Ocean Ultradeep watches at its centre. For the latter, guests need only turn to a knob to collect some recycled plastic pieces in a beaker, which are then mixed with epoxy resin and dye and turned into beautiful coasters to take home.


We are greeted by a gold astronaut statue upon entry

Even the consumable elements of the afternoon have been made with the materials theme in mind. The menu takes inspiration from Omega’s Ceragold, Liquidmetal and Moonshine for the canapes, and the brand’s exclusive alloys, Bronze Gold, Sedna Gold and Canopus Gold for the cocktails.

While the little bites are interesting, the cocktails truly steal the show. The Lunar Landing tipple, inspired by the 18-carat white gold alloy named Canopus Gold, is a sweet rendition of a martini that includes gin, lychee liquor, lemon and a lychee garnish covered with silver leaf. Influenced by Sedna Gold — named after an orbiting planetoid, one of the reddest in the solar system — the Gold Lava cocktail is a refreshing mix of vodka, white wine, passionfruit and lemon juice.

The best drink is definitely Time Traveller, made from Brugal extra dry rum, apricot brandy, angostura bitters and lemon juice. Served in a coupe glass, this cocktail tastes complex and even changes colour or patina, just like the material that inspired it, Bronze Gold. Malachite Elixir, taking notes from its namesake stone, is a soothing alcohol-free option crafted with apple juice, kamansi, ginger juice and soda.


The cocktails truly steal the show

The party is then ushered upstairs where Omega’s newest novelties are ready for guests to admire. While there is an impressive range of the watch house’s timepieces to view, some stand out — the Seamaster Aqua Terra, powered by the Calibre 8800, in new dial shades, for instance. The sun-brushed pastel colours for the 34mm range include Sea Blue, Lagoon Green (which is most bewitching), Sandstone, Shell Pink and Lavender. The larger 38mm range features earthy tones like Terracotta, Saffron and Sandstone, as well as Bay Green and Atlantic Blue. Both ranges are fitted with a redesigned bracelet, which sits comfortably on a smaller wrist.

Inspired by the day’s theme, we take a closer look at the Constellation Aventurine 29mm collection. Available in red, green or blue, with matching strap, the sparkling Aventurine stone dial is what makes this piece truly special. The Constellation Aventurine has an 18-carat Sedna gold case, which features the collection’s iconic half-moon facets and “claws”.

On the other side of the space are two long tables decorated with modern metallic vases, candleholders and place settings. Dubbed Apollo 13, the four-course menu is based on diverse materials, giving guests a chance to explore its innovations through a delicious meal. After we order another cocktail — the Time Traveller, of course — servers bring out the entrée inspired by titanium, a light and corrosion-resistant material used in the brand’s timepieces for sport and space exploration. This dish has crunchy charcoal breadsticks with a silver sparkle to mimic titanium and a delicious otak-otak butter.


Omega’s newest novelties are ready for guests to admire

The appetiser, Moonshine Gold Eclipse (named after 18-carat Moonshine Gold), is Hokkaido scallop, ikura, apple jelly and pickle kyuri, which has quite an interesting texture. For the main, I have the Anti-Magnetic Wagyu served on a sizzling plate, which bubbles dramatically when the sauce is poured over, with a truffle coffee infusion, potato cake and asparagus. A cod and vegetarian option is also available.

This dish is inspired by Omega’s high standards, which enable its watches to gain certification from Metas (the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology). The meat is perfectly tender, with a layered potato that is crispy and addictive. The sweet ending is influenced by O-Meg Steel, a material with an incomparable shine that is corrosion-resistant and has superior strength. The O-Mega Steelsphere is a silvery white chocolate ball containing a light and creamy coconut panna cotta.


Anti-Magnetic Wagyu served on a sizzling plate

Omega’s materials-inspired experience, at the aptly named Apollo Dining, is a delectable journey. It is the perfect way to explore the innovative materials and resulting novelties created by the brand. The atmosphere, installations, meal and cocktails come together perfectly, illustrating that materials do in fact matter and make all the difference.

This article first appeared on July 11, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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