Tag Heuer’s Brice Tchaplyguine highlights the brand’s cutting-edge approach to precision timekeeping

The managing director of Southeast Asia, Australia and Korea strongly believes the company has stellar potential in the region.

Tchaplyguine at The Exchange TRX boutique (Photo: Shahrill Basri/ The Edge Malaysia)

When it comes to rugged sports watches, Tag Heuer often ticks all the right boxes. Since the first introduction of the Heuer Carrera — a chronograph that captured the romance and danger of racing, taking its name from the Carrera Panamericana border-to-border road race in Mexico — in 1963, the brand has maintained a trackside presence at nearly every major motorsports event since the 1960s.

Upon entering its new boutique at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur, you are greeted with a stunning homage to motorsports featuring a large, bold and colourful photo of the Red Bull Racing team’s car. The modern and swanky 1,300 sq ft space provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the brand’s cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design — whether it is the sleek lines of the Carrera, the rugged allure of the Aquaracer or the timeless elegance of the Monaco.

Brice Tchaplyguine, the new managing director of Tag Heuer Southeast Asia, Australia and Korea, was in town to launch the store, and he is thrilled with the new location. “It’s the perfect place for us to have our presence, alongside all the prestigious brands one can think of. The boutiques here are also more well thought out in terms of design. It’s where we can connect with customers and offer the full experience in one boutique, from in-store activations and product launches to masterclasses.”

He strongly believes Tag Heuer has stellar potential because numerous megaprojects are emerging across the region, such as TRX, and aims to establish a presence in the right competitive environment and deliver the best shopping experience to its clients.


The boutique’s interior is a stunning homage to motorsports (Photo: Tag Heuer)

Established in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in Switzerland, the brand has seamlessly woven innovation, precision and style into the fabric of its horological legacy. With an illustrious heritage spanning over a century and a half, it has carved a niche for itself by constantly redefining what it means to keep time in style. In all honesty, the watches practically sell themselves, given the sheer strength of its name.

“The brand is strong and resilient in the region and that has led to significant growth in recent years. I’m confident in our positioning and strategy. My ambition is to foster collaborative teamwork and sustain growth across all countries I’m currently overseeing. We’ll leverage our boutiques, retail partners and strong product innovations while focusing on elevating Tag Heuer’s quality and standing in customers’ minds. Monaco and Carrera remain our top product priorities, continuing our strategic pillars from the past four to five years.”

He also credits the brand’s resilience and growth to innovation, stating, “This innovative spirit is part of our DNA, and it is evident at Watches & Wonders Geneva. We will continue to innovate the Carrera line, while the Monaco and Aquaracer collections remain iconic for Tag Heuer. The Monza models released last year were also a great success. We are grateful to have such a broad and strong portfolio that we can proudly showcase to our customers, perfectly fitting into their needs and wants.”

This year marks a significant milestone for sports enthusiasts worldwide, with the eagerly anticipated Paris Olympics taking centre stage. Renowned for its commitment to athleticism and precision, the “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” brand is poised to shine brightly amid the excitement. “We’re thrilled to announce that several of our sponsored athletes will be showcasing their talents at the Olympics in July and August. Last September, we welcomed American track and field athlete Fred Kerley, Botswana sprinter Leslie Tebogo and Canadian competitive swimmer Summer McIntosh into [our] family as our newest ambassadors.”

Most recently, the company joined forces with a contemporary golf lifestyle brand to introduce its latest creation, the Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 45MM x Malbon Golf Edition. This innovative timepiece goes beyond merely telling time and marks a new era in golf-inspired watches. It is specifically crafted for discerning golfers who appreciate sophistication, style and functionality.


The Malbon x Tag Heuer Capsule Collection represents a fresh approach to golf timepieces (Photo: Tag Heuer)

This watch stands out as one of the brand’s most colourful creations, boasting a bezel with 18 markings, symbolising the 18 holes on a golf course, with the words “Golf Edition” written on it. Its 45mm Titan Grade II case, featuring DLC coating, makes it lightweight and perfect for sporting activities.

This wrist-worn caddie automatically tracks shots, providing distance information for the next shot and club recommendations. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game without distractions. It introduces a new era of effortless access to hole information, requiring no interaction with the watch itself.

As Tag Heuer continues to innovate and expand its offerings, one thing remains clear: Its unwavering dedication to sports and precision timekeeping will continue to set it apart in the industry. With Tchaplyguine at the helm, it is positioned to soar to new heights. His strategic vision, combined with the brand’s rich heritage and commitment to innovation, sets the stage for continued success.

Prior to his role in Singapore, the EDHEC Business School graduate was the general manager of the Middle East region. He began his journey with Tag Heuer in Dubai at the start of 2020, initially as a sales manager, but quickly rose to the position of general manager for the Middle East by October of the same year. Within a remarkably short time frame, his responsibilities expanded to include oversight of operations in Africa and India.

Throughout his tenure, Tchaplyguine spearheaded the construction of the subsidiary and implemented a transformative business model, which led to the entity achieving profitability. Collaborating closely with his team, he devised a strategy focused on retail development, distribution premiumisation and high-end positioning, resulting in sustained growth over three years.

And it looks like Tag Heuer will continue to shine, time and again.


This article first appeared on Mar 11, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.

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