Architect-turned-artist Cheng Peng Sia brings local landscapes to the forefront with 30 watercolour paintings

'Malaysia Tanah Airku' is currently exhibited at Bursa Malaysia Knowledge Centre.

Bursa Malaysia Knowledge Centre plays host to Cheng Peng Sia's watercolour works (All photos: Bursa Malaysia Knowledge Centre)

Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. While the Bursa Malaysia Knowledge Centre may not come to mind when one seeks out venues to view art, its initiative to exhibit artworks alongside learning material to offer those who spend hours browsing the shelves moments of respite and inspiration is a commendable effort.

Right now, the library is peppered with over 30 watercolour paintings by architect-turned-artist Cheng Peng Sia. Cheng’s love for art began when he was very young, but his eye for detail was trained from years of practising architecture. It is a fitting showcase, reflective of Bursa’s attempt to bridge knowledge and creativity.

Though retired, Cheng’s love for structures, especially those with character and history, is prevalent across his canvases. While the well-travelled artist has produced countless works from when he spent his time overseas, Cheng brings local landscapes to the forefront with Malaysia Tanah Airku. The paintings give rise to a nostalgic familiarity that harks back to simpler days.


The paintings give rise to a nostalgic familiarity that harks back to simpler days

The artist now splits his time between Sketchwalk Kuala Lumpur, a community of art enthusiasts who gather weekly to draw in the city; the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, where he teaches Chinese ink painting; and senior citizen and refugee community centres, where he hosts occasional art classes.

The exhibition is ongoing until March 15 at the Bursa Malaysia Knowledge Centre, 1st Floor, Annexe Building, Bukit Kewangan, Kuala Lumpur. For more information, contact Sze Yan at (03) 2034 7481.

This article first appeared on Feb 13, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.


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