The Art Gallery Penang reopens with ‘Back to Nature’ exhibition to illustrate life in lockdown

Ten artists translate their creative triumphs into artworks that pay ode to Mother Nature.

Sia Boey Park by Lim Jee Yuan (All photos: The Art Gallery Penang)

The recent sight of lines trailing outside cinemas, theatre houses and art galleries is a dramatic and happy change from last year, when cultural establishments sat eerily empty. With a growing number of vaccinated Malaysians looking forward to inter-state travels and local institutions resuming public access, the Art Gallery Penang has reopened with an exhibition titled Back to Nature.

The theme was chosen based on our isolated lifestyle for the past one and a half years, whereby a majority of us struggled through multiple lockdowns due to the life-changing impacts of the pandemic. During this period, many have picked up activities that gravitate towards nature, such as adopting pets, tending to their potted greens and sneaking a slice of the great outdoors into their daily routine.


'Secret Garden' (waterlily) by Da Niu (CK Khor)

As humanity retreats into quarantine, we have been given a new opportunity to reacquaint with nature — a natural balm that calms the soul. Despite being shuttered indoors, ten artists translate their creative triumphs into artworks that pay ode to Mother Nature, from sprawling landscapes that depict the countryside and the iconic Botanical Garden Penang to the island’s fishing village at Permatang Damar Laut.

Participating artists for this exhibition include Alex Leong (Penang), Alice Loo (Perak), Da Niu (Kedah), Ho Chung Kwang (Penang), Koay Sheng Tat (Penang), Lee Eng Beng (Penang), Lim Anuar (Kuala Lumpur), Lim Jee Yuen (Kuala Lumpur), Thanesh Kichi (Selangor) and Vincent Phang (Penang).

Strict SOPs have been enforced to regulate the entry of fully-vaccinated visitors at one time. Works are available for viewing from 2pm to 5pm daily, and by appointment only. Exhibitions runs from October 15 to 31.

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