Best art exhibitions in Singapore right now

Thought-provoking shows you don't want to miss.

The Human Nature exhibition questions the co-existence between humans and robots (Photo: Reddot Design Museum)

I Am Me
Indonesian artist Naufal Abshar presents his solo exhibition I Am Me, which delves into the deeper meaning of identity. The paintings on display are a continuation of the artist’s previous solo exhibition called HAHA, which questioned the role of humour in our lives. Within each artwork, he incorporates phrases to represent the small things in a person’s life that are a part of the bigger picture. He is known for his comical portrayal of human behaviour that never fails to bring humour to the social and political encounters that we all face.

Art Porters Gallery, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road. Until Apr 21. Tues-Sun, 10.30am-7pm; Mon by appointment. See more here.


Arus Balik
Arus Balik — from below the wind to above the wind and back again — is a project brought to life from a conversation between Belgian curator Philippe Pirotte and Jakarta-based artist Ade Darmawan (who documented his ferry trip from Merak to Bakauheni, Sunda Strait, Indonesia in 2018 in the picture below). The aim of this exhibition is to imagine the implications of history and politics in a process of transition, such as colonisation and decolonisation, or even shifts in maritime power for people and ports below the wind.

NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Block 43. Until June 23. Tues-Sun, noon-7pm; Fri,noon-9pm. See more here.


Human Nature
This specially curated exhibition begins with an introspective probe on how humans perceive robots. This display of works poses questions about not only being human but also how humans can excel beyond their normal abilities. The museum offers a bilingual Human-Nature catalogue, which is a necessary companion on the tour. It provides an in-depth narration, parallel questions and an extensive description of the works presented.

Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, 11 Marina Boulevard. Until Sept 20. Mon-Thurs, 10am-8pm; Fri-Sun, 10am-11pm. Non Singapore citizens pay a minimum fee of RM36. See more here.


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