'Between Spaces' by G13 Gallery conveys self-emotion during Covid-19 pandemic

The show is an interaction between artists Caryn Koh and Wong Ming Hao.

Idle by artist Caryn Koh, who painted a series of work that centres around a constant feeling of loneliness during the pandemic (All photos: G13 Gallery)

G13 Gallery is not letting the lockdown affect your consumption of art but is carrying on with online exhibitions, the latest being Between Spaces by Caryn Koh and Wong Ming Hao.

Comprising 13 pieces, the exhibition emphasises the interaction between the paintings by two artists with different styles, but who convey the same inner thoughts — the exploration of emotions during the pandemic.

Despite the pastel tones of Koh’s paintings, a feeling of loneliness permeates her works — evinced by a sense of isolation in the body language and facial expression of the figures. This series of artworks focuses more on “self” and that particular feeling when one’s inner world goes quiet.


Ming Hao uses his face and figure as the subject matter with the acrylic paint-skins collage technique

Meanwhile, Wong’s acrylic paint-skins collage technique features himself as the subject matter, and he explores the difference between one’s real personality and the one we project through social media. Acrylic paint-skins indicates the real personality behind the masks, especially when we are now in a situation where most people can only communicate and know each other via social media.

See a preview of their works below:

'Between Spaces' runs until Aug 25, 2021.

This article first appeared on Aug 9, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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