BookXcess' new Powder Room in The Gardens Mall is especially curated for women

This dedicated outlet is designed to create a safe space for women.

Powder Room is the first Malaysian concept bookstore curated exclusively for women (All photos: BookXcess/Powder Room)

The new Powder Room by BookXcess — a brand that is popular for its heavily discounted books — is the first Malaysian concept bookstore curated exclusively for women.

The name essentially brings to mind the place where ladies go to powder their noses and “freshen up”. However, cross out the “d” in “powder” and you get the word “power”. This simple stroke in the logo portrays the ability of these two worlds to coexist, instead of the common misconception that they are mutually exclusive.

BookXcess has always strived to create bookstores that are different and do not conform to how conventional bookstores tend to present themselves.


Powder Room is situated at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City

“Each time we open a new bookstore, we aim to give people the option to explore, and offer a whole new retail experience, one that is unique. So, each store is created and designed differently to entice non-readers to walk in and discover books and the joys of reading,” says Jacqueline Ng, founder of BookXcess.

Powder Room is situated at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Its ceilings are bedazzled with chandeliers and the space is lavishly furnished in a rouge colour scheme, staying true to its name.

The main purpose of this specifically dedicated outlet is to create a safe space for women, who hopefully will exit it feeling more empowered. Unlike the androgynous stores in the market, Powder Room carries a myriad of specially curated titles for women, by women.



“The idea was to give women access to a place they can call their own, where they can relax and not be bothered; her own space to indulge in and wander while enriching her mind as she discovers books that inspire her. It’s a sanctuary that allows her to immerse herself in the blissful world of the written world,” says Ng.

Response from customers has been encouraging since the store opened last October. Many find it unique and suitable to their needs. In keeping with BookXcess’ intention of never having any of its bookstores looking alike, symbolically or architecturally, there are currently no plans to open more Powder Rooms in other parts of Malaysia.

This article first appeared on Jan 24, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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