Choreographer Farah Sulaiman wants you to ‘Get On Your Feet’ to support Cancer Research Malaysia

The charity event will showcase 17 different musicals.

Choreographer Farah Sulaiman has put together a charity musical with her unique style of dance (All photos: Get on Your Feet/Cancer Research Malaysia)

Music can open forgotten doors to one's memory, but it can also offer a brief moment of comfort that makes a sad face crease into a smile. The healing power of hymns, classicals and musicals has been rhapsodised by medical practitioners for years as they can combat mental illness, fight depression and alleviate pain. It is also part of the reason The Sayang Dancers have been actively collaborating with NGOs and social enterprises around the country to spread some cheer.

This time around, legendary tap dancer and choreographer Farah Sulaiman has put together a charity musical, Get On Your Feet, to raise funds for Cancer Research Malaysia (CRM) on Sept 23 and 24. Premiered in March for Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia (PSDM) to rave reviews, the show returns with 17 different musicals like Wicked, Mamma Mia, Chicago and Dear Evan Hansen, at Experimental Theatre, University Malaya. 

Asked about the collaboration with CRM, Farah says, “When Mr Andy Khoo, CEO of Cancer Research Malaysia, came to watch our first production of Get On Your Feet early this March, he asked me whether I would be interested to re-stage this show for Cancer Research Malaysia. I thought this was a very good and noble cause. And being a person who likes organising charity shows, I said yes!” 

Choreography has always been important to the Stella Mann School of Dancing alumnus, who made her debut as part of The Sayang Dancers on RTM’s Hiburan Minggu Ini. Now 65, she hopes to provide a platform for the younger generation to showcase their talent, while supporting a good cause. The youngest performer of The Sayang Dancers is six, and the oldest 66. 


A broad range of dancing styles, from ballet and jazz to rock ’n roll jive and hip hop will be featured

“For me, when I watch musical shows, the first thing I pay attention to is the choreography. If you have good singers, you can just close your eyes and they will sound good. But dancing is visual. If the choreography is too simple, then it’s just not fun for me. Acting is also very important in musical theatre because performing in a musical, regardless of whether you are dancing or singing, requires you to always be acting. Not everyone can act.

“Sabrina the director, Alesia the vocal coach, Maimun the dance captain and I have worked really hard to make this show a success. The performers, too, have put in a lot of sweat and dedication to this show.”

A broad range of dancing styles, from ballet and jazz to rock ’n roll jive and hip hop will be featured during the two-day extravaganza for all ages. Performing alongside guest artistes Elvira Arul, Yon Lynn and Johan Yusof are two of The Sayang Dancers’ pioneer members and cancer survivors Renee Aziz as well as Tunku Sarah.

“Renee and Tunku Sara go a long way back with me. We used to dance and perform together as children. So when I formed The Sayang Dancers, the first people I invited to join the group was the two of them,” Farah recalls.

“I do feel emotional towards raising funds for CRM. I have lost a few friends and relatives to cancer.  So producing this show for CRM means a lot to me. I hope the public and corporate companies will also support this show so that we can raise as much funds for CRM.”


Thank you Aunty Renee Aziz Ahmad for sharing this beautiful story. CC : Farah Sulaiman

Posted by Razlan Yusof on Tuesday, 12 September 2023


CRM has not only worked with top scientists around the world and nurture the next generation of Malaysian cancer researches, it has also continued to urge patients to go for early screenings, thus improving their survival rates. The NGO focuses on providing existing cures to patients rather than sitting on inaction.

“If all goes well, there may be another show in March 2024,” expresses Farah.

'Get on Your Feet' will be showing at Experimental Theatre, University Malaya at Jalan Universiti. Sept 23 & 24, 3pm and 8.30pm. Tickets RM80-120. Purchase here



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