InterContinental Hotels & Resorts partners artist Alexander Hall on '200 InterContinentals by Haut de Gamme'

The world's largest luxury hotel brand celebrates its 200 properties around the world.

The art installation is made from 200 champagne bottles individually hand-painted by Alexander Hall in his bright and energetic drip-style (Photo: InterContinental Hotels & Resorts)

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has partnered London-based contemporary artist Alexander Hall, also known as Haut de Gamme, to create a stunning art installation that celebrates the luxury hotel chain’s 200 properties around the world.

The installation consists of 200 champagne bottles that Hall individually hand-painted in his bright and energetic drip style. Each bottle is unique, with a design inspired by each of the 200 hotels — including the new InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, where this remarkable art piece is now on display. The finished bottles are suspended together in a stunning pattern that reveals the number 200. The installation will be travelling to a number of InterContinental hotels around the world over the next few months. In addition, Hall is creating a bespoke Haut de Gamme painting to mark this milestone, with a number of limited-edition prints.


The installation by Alexander Hall will be displayed for a limited time at a number of InterContinental hotels around the world over the course of the next few months (Photo: InterContinental Hotels & Resorts)

The upcoming InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is located in a former quarry in southwestern Shanghai. The 18-storey architectural masterpiece has two floors above ground and 16 below, including two floors that are underwater. In contrast to the traditional architectural concept of building high-rises, the hotel’s unconventional design extends the space beneath the ground by reflecting the natural landscape of the quarry. Other recent openings for the brand include InterContinental San Diego, a vibrant addition to the city’s waterfront; InterContinental Sofia, which marks the brand’s debut in Bulgaria; and InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort on a stretch of idyllic beach on the tropical Vietnamese island.


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