Local abstract artist Michelle Yap recounts her career in solo exhibition 'Altitude'

The show captures both Yap's struggles and achievements in her years as an artist.

Yap's work has been featured on Saatchi Art (US), Singulart (France) and Fiidaa Art (Singapore) online art platforms (All photos: Aureo Gallery)

For a limited time only, Malaysian abstract artist Michelle Yap — whose works have been featured on Saatchi Art (US), Singulart (France) and Fiidaa Art (Singapore) online art platforms — will be exhibiting her works at Pavilion Hotel from December 28 to 29, hosted by Aureo Gallery.

Known for her love of large paintings, Yap has made herself an esteemed artist by combining traditional Chinese ink with textural qualities of modern acrylic. 

The pandemic has thrown much into disarray, not least the world of art and culture and its exponents, with Yap proving to be no exception. "We had planned this public exhibition for May 2021 but, due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided to adhere to stringent SOPs and cater to a smaller audience via atwo-day invitational show," she says. 


Yap's works will be exhibited for two days only at Pavilion Hotel

Just under 20 pieces are shown this time, in a solo exhibition titled Altitude. "I called it thus as my journey has taught me to be humble along one's life path. In other words, your attitude determines your 'altitude'. I didn't start my career here but in New York; so it was tough to be recognised. After many overseas showcases, this solo show in KL feels like a homecoming, a validation on home soil. 

“This collection truly pieces my journey together. All these pieces showcased capture both my struggles as well as my achievements in my years as an artist and I really hope the audience can feel what I felt while painting and hope they will be ready to accept my style."


'Altitude' is showing at The Crescent @ Pavilion Hotel, Bukit Bintang. For more information about the exhibition, see here.


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