Rolex launches Perpetual Music concert to support musicians affected by Covid-19

The concerts in Italy, Germany and France can be streamed via until the end of October.

Bulgarian-Swiss operatic soprano Sonya Yoncheva will perform at the Berlin Staatsoper in Germany (All photos: Rolex)

As different sectors pick up the pace from months of economic stagnation, the performing arts industry is still struggling stay on the surface. Having an audience is a key aspect to any performance but it’s going to take some time before concert halls can be filled once again.

To support musicians and singers during this critical period, Rolex is launching three Perpetual Music concerts in Italy, Germany and France, from August 21 to September 3.

These concerts involve approximately 100 artists whose work and lives have been adversely affected by the pandemic. They were all personally selected based on their talent and requirements by Rolex Testimonees (ambassadors) Peruvian opera tenor Juan Diego Flórez, Mexican tenor and stage director Rolando Villazón and Bulgarian-Swiss operatic soprano Sonya Yoncheva. French violinist Renaud Capuçon, internationally known as a major soloist, recitalist and chamber musicisan, was also invited to hand-pick the talents. All the appointed performers will be remunerated.


French violinist Renaud Capuçon was also invited to hand-pick the talents

The Rolex Testimonees as well as Capuçon will also make an appearance at the concerts as a preamble to the scheduled performances. On August 21, Diego Flórez and an orchestra will present their show at Teatro Rossini in Pesaro, Italy while Yoncheva will join a recital programme on September 1 at the Berlin Staatsoper in Germany. Two days later, Villazón and Capuçon will set the stage for a repertoire of baroque and chamber music at the Opéra national de Paris in France.

“During these difficult times, when musicians have suffered both the loss of audience and income, our aim is to provide them the opportunity to perform with renowned artists at prestigious venues with the finest acoustics,” Rolex Director of Communication and Image Arnaud Boetsch said in an announcement.

“This project is also a way for us to help keep music as an essential element in our daily lives.”


Peruvian opera tenor Juan Diego Flórez and an orchestra will perform in Italy

Over 180 countries would be able to stream the concerts for free on — a Rolex partner for over a decade — until the end of October.

The Swiss manufacture has encouraged exceptional performance and artistic development worldwide for nearly 50 years. Currently, the brand is also helping to fund artists at the Metropolitan Opera in New York whose work is affected by the pandemic.


Stream the concert from August 21 until the end of October on


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