Bamboo Hills is an idyllic dining enclave for urban dwellers looking for serenity in the city

The gastronomical haven houses 10 unique dining pavilions spread across 16 acres of manicured land.

Lush and green, the very colour of welcome abounds as one explores the lovely landscaped site (All photos: Bamboo Hills)

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls” was what (R&B girl group) TLC advised, but the splendid cascading feature off the Duta Ulu-Kelang Expressway is the landmark you need to look out for to enter Bamboo Hills, UOA Development Bhd’s latest dining destination.

Lush and green, the very colour of welcome abounds as one explores the lovely landscaped site. A tranquil ambience and serene atmosphere was the game plan for the gastronomical haven, which currently houses 10 unique dining pavilions spread across 16 acres of land. Although only seven are operational at press time, the other three restaurants are slated to open their doors very soon. Each individual pavilion was built to showcase its distinctive appeal and personality to entice the motley of diners sauntering around the manicured grounds.

The vibe here is relaxed and unhurried. City slickers come in part to soak up the natural beauty and charm of the place. Most patrons can be found milling about the heart of the property, where a pond is fringed with perennial blooms, leafy shrubs, and swaying bamboo and willow trees. It makes for a scenic photo op and is especially popular with families. Even though the space is largely uncovered — a conscious decision made in order to retain its openness and brightness — one does not swelter even if it is a few degrees hotter than usual. The water and plants do a good job keeping the surroundings cool and there are plenty of shaded areas if you need some respite anyway.


Botanica+Co’s leafy enclave is a suitable spot for weekend brunches

The pond is weaved with accessible walkways that meander to the various restaurants. A torii gate marks the entrance to Kampai Yakiniku, which specialises in grilled premium A5 Japanese wagyu. Those who are voracious can come for their 120-minute buffet, which offers unlimited Akami cuts.

For authentic Thai cuisine, Nok Yung is the place to be. It offers a wide selection of quintessential Thai dishes with a modern flair. There are also private rooms, including one with a karaoke machine for groups, but do take note of the time limit and minimum spend.

If you prefer something more casual, head to Taproom for the best Neapolitan pizza by Pizza Duo and craft beers by local brewers PaperKite.

Café hoppers would be elated to dine at Botanica+Co’s Bamboo Hills outpost. Lined with layers of dense foliage, a stairway leads to a glasshouse teeming with verdure greenery. This outlet focuses on fresh produce, meats and seafood cooked over open-fire charcoal grills and wood-fired ovens. Think barbecue brunches and weekend blowouts, set against all things flora. Another casual fine dining option is Ginger, which melds the fun vibrancy of Australian cuisine with the flavourful profiles of Indian fare. The restaurant is also set in a glasshouse, but is instead characterised by gorgeous hanging chandeliers and a ritzy bar.


Set in a glasshouse, Ginger melds the fun vibrancy of Australian cuisine with the flavourful profiles of Indian fare

For something more local, the newly opened Locarasa is a spacious restaurant-cum-patisserie that serves Malay-Western food. And if you are in need of just a quick coffee jolt, there is a Starbucks within the premises as well.

The Qing Room and Hanam BBQ round off the F&B offerings with Chinese and Korean fare, but what we are most excited about is Potager. It is helmed by Masashi Horiuchi, the chef who carved a name for himself at Entier French Dining. An urban farm is also in the works to supply fresh produce to this new establishment. And, in an effort to be more sustainable, Bamboo Hills is also working on installing solar panels to harness renewable energy as well as a stormwater catchment to reuse and recycle rainwater.

With the launch of Astana, a new 2,100 sq ft event space that can accommodate 80 pax, Bamboo Hills is quickly establishing itself as a one-stop shop where people can eat, work and play. Residential blocks (connected to the MRT Kentonmen station) are also set to launch in the third quarter of this year,  which will further develop the destination as one that embraces experiential living.


This article first appeared in issue No. 108, Summer 2023 of Haven

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