Experience the new Master Origin collection at Suria KLCC

The new collection features coffee sourced from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, India and Nicaragua.

The new Master Origin collection (Photo: Nespresso) 

Coffee experts at Nespresso have roamed the globe for the finest beans before introducing portioned coffee capsules to the world. It’s now easier and faster to make high quality coffee but to further its craft, the coffee maker has searched far and wide for more artisans to work with, creating unique flavours, tastes and aromas inspired by their own country. Nespresso’s high-end Master Origin collection is the result of years of research and discovery.

The new collection consists of coffees from five different origins – Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Nicaragua — and it showcases the outstanding craftsmanship within small coffee farming communities. Here’s a quick primer on the coffee profiles:



Left to ripen on the branch much longer, the coffee beans are handpicked when they’re perfectly ready. The final sip carries vibrant winey notes of red fruits and berries.

Still inside its cherry, the coffee bean is dried in the African heat to absorb the sweet flavours from its fruit. Expect bright notes of fruit jam and orange blossom flowers.

The wet monsoon winds and fierce Indian heat yielded a robust and powerful coffee character, lending this range spicy and woody notes.

Thanks to farmers who have perfected the art of wet-hulling, this coffee bean crafted in the jungle mists of northern Sumatra exudes a rich, velvety body with woody notes.

Look forward to a beautifully balanced black honey coffee, chased by a smooth, satiny texture and sweet, cereal flavours.


Experience the Master Origin collection at Suria KLCC, Main Concourse from 10am to 10pm, until Sept 23. For more information, see here.

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