Grow your own digital cucumber and get discount off a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin

Collect your cucumber currency via the brand’s first-ever augmented reality game ‘The Cucumber Horticulturist’.

The Cucumber Horticulturist allows players to earn currency through cultivating virtual cucumbers (All photos: Hendrick's Gin)

Hendrick’s Gin is a distinct spirit blended with 11 fine botanicals consisting of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world. Each component was chosen to set the stage for its two primary ingredients: cucumber and rose petals, which give the premium gin its signature refreshing flavour profile and floral aroma.

Every June 14 — World Cucumber Day — Hendrick’s Gin celebrates one of its two all-stars, the versatile cucumber fruit used to infuse the unique spirit. This year, the brand released its first-ever augmented reality game, The Cucumber Horticulturist, which allows players to earn currency by cultivating virtual cucumbers.

Grow the cucumber plant by simply collecting falling water droplets on the screen. To do so, allow your mobile camera to be used in the game and swivel your head left and right to control the plant pot. Collect the droplets but steer away from the rose petals or the game restarts. Once enough water is gathered and the fruits have ripened, players can harvest the cucumbers.


The game can be played from your mobile browser

Upon winning the game, players will be awarded with an e-ticket coupon for RM20 off a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin over email. The discount can be redeemed at both Cellar 18 outlets until July 31. The coupons are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis. Each player can only be awarded once, though the game can be repeated as many times as you’d like.

“There would be no Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic without the cucumber, and we dedicate a day each year to celebrate its wondrous possibilities,” said Hendrick’s Southeast Asia ambassador Charmaine Thio in a press release.

“World Cucumber Day is an opportunity for us to showcase the versatility of the noble fruit as real currency that adds delight and whimsy to our lives especially in these unfamiliar times.”


'The Cucumber Horticulturist' is available on until July 20.  Cellar 18's outlets are located at The Linc KL and Tropicana Avenue.


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