La Fleur by LamboCellar debuts limited-time Champagne Carbon pairing menu

The five-course degustation features classic and revised French flavours.

Champagne Carbon was established by a desire to innovate and refresh the world of bubbly (Photo: Champagne Carbon)

Founded in 2011 by fifth generation Devavry family heir Alexandre Mae, Champagne Carbon was established by a desire to innovate and refresh the world of bubbly. This drive to be different and trailblazing lead to a distinctive carbon-wrapped bottle design, reminiscent of sports cars. It was perhaps no surprise then that the brand was the official champagne partner for Formula 1 for several years. 

Despite champagne’s luxurious reputation and its association with celebration, it is seldom consumed in the same manner as other wines. Wishing to highlight the house’s modernity and close ties with the luxury automotive world, as well as the libation’s flexibility for more than just toasting, the Champagne Carbon’s main local distributor LamboCellar has imagined a limited-time pairing menu at its modern French eatery, La Fleur in Publika Shopping Gallery. 


French eatery La Fleur in Publika (Photo: La Fleur)

Comprising five courses, the experience begins with a salmon tartare served alongside a lemon and dill ricotta and crisp crest salad. The refreshing flavours of the fish and vege are matched with the Carbon Cuvée Sunset White Luminous, evoking a sunny summer party vibe with its light and slightly minty but radiant profile. 

For the second course, a seafood pomodoro pasta goes with a glass of Bugatti EB01 2002 Luminous Edition Limitée. Tangier than the first drink, this vintage was crafted in honour of the namesake motor car’s 110th anniversary, with fruity and nutty notes that are swiftly followed by a surprising minerality after the first sip. 


Seafood pomodoro pasta (Photo: Genie Leong/The Edge)

A crystal pineapple mint palette cleanser is served before the third course to prepare and refresh the taste buds. Then, Coq au Vin on a bed of mashed potatoes arrives at the table with the final champagne pairing – ƎB.02 Chiron 300 + for Bugatti Vintage 2006. Arguably the most complex of the three, this bubbly presents a medley of acacia, hazelnuts and stone fruit. 

The meal culminates with a passion fruit creme brulee. The tropical tartness reinvents the classic French dessert, much like how Champagne Carbon revamps the iconic beverage.

The exclusive pairing menu is available until June 30. It is advised that all reservations be made at least three days in advance to ensure availability. To book, call 010 323 6800.


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