Martell ‘Reward The Curious’ with an exclusive dinner series

The sophomore edition will also feature Asian Food Channel celebrity Chef Sherson Lian’s eight seasonal signature canapés for Martell cognac and Chivas scotch pairing.
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To sip a fine old Cognac is nothing less than savouring the distilled essence of France. A brand that has transcended more than 300 years of passion and precision, Martell is a celebration of quintessential French Art de Vivre, honouring craft and taste. From regal coronations to Hollywood films, exciting polar expeditions to royal weddings, the time-honoured cognac has been cherished by generations.

Underscoring Martell’s ethos that life’s pleasures and true fulfilment lie in the excitement of discovery, The House of Martell, together with Chivas Regal, has launched a year-long, immersive ‘Reward The Curious’ dinner series that is inspired by the changing of the seasons around the world. Food has always been inextricably associated with cognac and spirits. This time, diners will be able to sample a parade of dishes specially crafted by some of the best Chinese and Modern European restaurants in the country. 

Beef meets chocolate

The exclusive dinner series, which debuted in 2017, seeks to please both the appetite and the senses as guests will be dining against a multi-sensorial backdrop replete with performances inspired by each city’s seasonal experiences. It feels like a mini getaway almost as they are transported from the Gold Coast beaches in summer to sakura season at the height of spring in Toyko; cool wintry Beijing to the neon-lit Hong Kong in autumn. 

The well-travelled and adventurous Martell ambassador Jean-Baptiste Gourvil elaborates on the dinner series as well as the growing appreciation for quality cognac and spirits in Malaysia, “This campaign is inspired by the changing seasons around the world. The dinner series is truly a Malaysian effort. Our love for food and culinary discoveries is truly one of the ways we bond with friends and family. We feel that these moments of pleasure should be shared more often with the community. 

Martell ambassaor Jean Baptiste

“People are now asking for more knowledge. They want to understand what they drink, how it is produced, why they taste different… I believe the most obvious sign of [an increase of] knowledge is the development of specialised alcohol outlets. For example, I had the chance of visiting whisky specialised outlets and they are really great. They allow consumers to get a better understanding and taste a wide range of products. So why not a cognac shop in the next few years?”

The gastronomic journey is a clear demonstration of how Martell and Chivas Regal can seamlessly pair with a diversity of ingredients. Each restaurant’s menu has been painstakingly crafted to harmonise with the 85 unique flavour notes of Chivas 18 and distinctive floral aromas of the finest Martell cognacs, including the newly released Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrel. As an added bonus, a rare collaboration with Asian Food Channel celebrity Chef Sherson Lian will see two seasonal signature canapés being served at the pre-dinner cocktail receptions for each season.

Chef Sherson Lian

“I didn’t quite have the opportunity to showcase my Asian cooking when I did the ‘Great Dinners of the World’ with Martell six years ago in Europe. ‘Reward the Curious’ has given me a platform to display our Southeast Asian flavours with Martell. In the menu, for example, we use indigenous ingredients like the keluak, whose earthy flavour pairs well with the complex and fruity notes of the cognac. This collaboration is a demonstration of respect for each other’s crafts,” Lian said.

To up the ante this year, the second edition of the dinner series will be accompanied by the ‘Seasonal Rewards’ contest, whereby one of the season’s top spenders and one lucky draw winner will receive an all-expense paid trips for two to the destination featured in the dinner’s theme. The year’s top spenders will also be invited to the Grand Finale where they will stand a chance to win a brand-new Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde. There will also be four pairs of tickets to be won in the First Prize category, which includes the following prizes:

  • Two pairs of tickets for an all-expense trip to the Chateau de Chanteloup in France, the residence of the Martell family.
  • Two pairs of tickets for an all-expense trip to the Strathisla Distillery, the home of Chivas Regal in Scotland.



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