Moccona creates coffee moments for absolute indulgence

The centuries-old brand crafts pockets of me time, rejuvenation or rest with its premium coffee.
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Moccona was founded in 1753 by Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts in the quaint village of Joure in the Netherlands.

Starting your morning right can really influence the flavour of your day. For over two centuries, Moccona has strived to perfect the art of having a great morning by creating coffees that speak to individual wants and needs. 

To do this, it has to put more than just a java jolt on the table. Premium coffee beans, carefully cultivated and picked, are turned into sensorial experiences, promising a moment of elegance, indulgence and that precious “me time” that often eludes us in our hectic day-to-day life. 

Peace and quiet is a daily value that Moccona appreciates, stemming from its founding in 1753 by Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts in the quaint village of Joure in the Netherlands. Here in this land of expansive blue skies, mirror-like canals and charming architecture, small moments did not have to be stolen, but were enjoyed on the regular, whether alone or in good company. Even before the demands of the modern world made rest so vital, a good cup of coffee then was an invitation to pause, to allow the senses to reawaken and take in the little things lost to the busyness of the day. 

This combination of stellar product and sound philosophy proved irresistible, and the brand went from being a household name in Europe to a welcomed export in Australia in 1960. It crossed oceans and continents, carrying the twin promises of rejuvenation and rest in an iconic cylindrical glass jar marked with a distinctive gold label. Connoisseurs could only acquire it at speciality stores or delicatessens, heightening its exclusivity and appeal as a taste of indulgence from Europe where the coffee craze was taking hold. 

However, no amount of branding, packaging or marketing magic can make up for a mediocre product. Moccona knew it had to stand out and stand tall in a very competitive market, and it did so with a keen eye for quality. 

The berry and fruit-forward softness and sweetness of Arabica beans are married with bold and rich Robusta beans that pack deep flavour and gratifying intensity into every sip. World-class European Master Blenders perform this feat of alchemy and craftsmanship so that together, they form an alliance that piques the palate and awakens the senses. 

A good cup of coffee is always a sensorial journey and the Moccona experience draws out each step in pleasing detail. First, the aroma that wraps you in its embrace. Then, the warmth of the cup that alerts you of the treat ahead. A sip is enough to bring out the symphony of elements that make Moccona a sought-after brand, from the just-right bitterness of rich coffee to the full-bodied flavour that seeks out your soul. 

Coffee is such an intensely personal pleasure and Moccona gives a nod to the individual connoisseur with a variety of roasting degrees. Each coffee has a number between 5 and 10 to indicate the intensity of the roast, spanning from light to dark to allow consumers to choose their preferred flavour and roast intensity.

Moccona Classic Medium Roast (5) is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with a well-rounded, balanced flavour

Moccona Classic Dark Roast (8) exudes an earthy and warm aroma

Moccona Espresso Style (10) offers a bold and intense burst of flavour

Other variants include Moccona Indulgence (8), Moccona Classic Decaffeinated (5) and Moccona with a hint of natural Hazelnut Swirl

All Moccona coffees are certified halal by Total Quality Halal Correct Certification (TQHCC) in the Netherlands.

Although the core principles and packaging were created centuries ago, the brand’s values were so well thought out that they remain relevant today. In the age of sustainability, they enjoy new life as reusable containers once the last of the coffee has been consumed. In fact, Moccona is even happy to lead you through its potential repurposing with a dedicated section on upcycling these jars on its website.

Though times have changed so drastically since the brand first burst into life, a firm founding and a commitment to its ideals ensures it has never wavered in purpose or principles. Moccona today might look and taste better than it ever has, but it still symbolises a pocket of peace and a moment of pleasure made purely for you. Take a sip, it invites you, and be fully present. True joy is in the little things.

To find out more about Moccona, see here or purchase your choice of Moccona coffee at our LazMall Flagship store.

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