Nominate your favourite Malaysian home cooks – winners to study with Momofuku’s David Chang

Airbnb is giving 100 home cooks the chance to spend a week at an Italian culinary school.

One of the courses will be conducted by chef David Chang (Photo: Momofuku)

If travel and food are the ultimate pairing for you, how would you like to get your hands on more than 3,000 recipes from across 75 countries and cook your way across borders via Airbnb? The online marketplace synonymous with lodgings is offering a new experience that will take guests from bed to kitchen. Cooking on Airbnb, rolled out on November 26, allows anyone to unlock treasured culinary traditions of families from around the world and savour the unique experience.

Food-focused visitors to Kuala Lumpur can roll up their sleeves in a class on traditional Malaysian cooking or learn to make nyonya kuih in Melaka. Locals going abroad may want to make soba noodles or prepare a bento box in a Japanese home. If pasta is your thing, make it grandma’s way in Italy. If heritage is your favourite ingredient, book a session with Damian D’Silva in Singapore.

Alternatively, you can whip up lunch with British-South African chef-cum-restaurateur Prue Leith in London or book a maize workshop with Enrique Olvera in Mexico City. Airbnb Cooking Experiences is hosted by families, farmers, pastry cooks and locals who will share stories about food in intimate settings, enabling participants to get a taste of new places and cultures with every morsel.


Airbnb is giving visitors the chance to cook with local families with the listing of culinary experiences on its platform (Photo: Airbnb)

To celebrate the launch of this travel category, Airbnb is calling for nominations worldwide for favourite home cooks. Name whoever you think has made a major impact with wok, ladle, oven or pot and he/she could be one of the 100 best home cooks selected for a trip to Pollenzo, Northern Italy, where they will attend five-day courses (scheduled for June and July 2020) at Slow Food’s University of Gastronomic Sciences, go on field trips, partake in tastings and refi ne their family recipe, which will be included in an Airbnb cookbook, planned for 2020.

One of the courses will be conducted by chef David Chang (of Momofuku and Netflix fame) and his mother, Sherri. There will also be lessons from Nonna Nerina, who has earned more than US$150,000 by welcoming travellers to the Roman countryside to learn about her — and her family’s — love of pasta-making.

Submit an essay on why your nominee’s passion for cooking and his/her family recipe make them the perfect fit.


Applications close on Dec 23, 2019. For more information, click here.


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