Support these restaurants that are still giving back to society during Covid-19

#Kitajagakita continues this CMCO.

Agrain will be supporting En Yuan Old Folks Home in PJ from October to December (Photo: Agrain Restaurant)

For the past few months, a pandemic-battered nation has left F&B outlets clamouring for help as restaurants — especially small traders — struggled to sustain their businesses. But not all is doom and gloom. Despite being hit hard themselves, restaurateurs rolled up their sleeves and got into the thick of the action to feed frontliners as well as the homeless and underserved. In true Malaysian-style, this is our grassroots way of giving back. 

If you’re thinking about staying home to help “flatten the curve” and ordering in during this reinstated CMCO, consider patronising these restaurants that are still helping to put a meal on another person’s plate. Hope is a form of nourishment after all. 


The H Temptation
During the first lockdown, The H Temptation donated a range of essential products, including milk, yogurt and eggs to food surplus rescuers What A Waste to be distributed to marginalised communities. The contribution made its way to the kids from Watoto Choir and What A Waste’s Ramadan food vendors and partners. The founders of the restaurant, who are from Muar, have always stressed the importance of healthy eating, which is why its menu boasts better-for-you renditions of Western and Asian cuisine. While doors are still open to party of twos, those who rather stay indoors can have all their meals covered at a cheaper rate (save up to RM100) with the restaurant’s new CMCO value vouchers.

For more info and to order, Whatsapp Quan at 0102207929.


Kenny Hill Bakers
You may not have heard of Sahabat Support Centre (SSC) but the project supported by the Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) has been providing services to urban refugees from small minority communities since January 2011. Just last month, Kenny Hill Bakers has donated up to 8kg of bakery goods — which were rescued from going to the landfills — to SSC via The Lost Food Project. The breads fed children and families who are experiencing food securities. To find out how you can aid the SSC in providing basic education, healthcare and hospital treatments for children and vulnerable families, see here



Pre-order here.


Jao Tim
Chinatown’s Jao Tim café has been actively helping live performers get back on their feet by arranging small-scale ticketed broadcasted shows and collecting funds for affected musicians and live performance venues. While there are no scheduled shows as of late, the café is still serving hearty sandwiches and toasties, easy rice bowls, comforting pastas and of course, good coffee to its loyal patrons. If you’re staying home, order online and get 5% store cashback. While you’re at it, consider contributing to Jao Tim’s fund here and help keep the live music scene alive during this difficult time.  

Order here.


Agrain Restaurant
It all started with their 1For1 campaign in April to support medical frontliners combating Covid-19 but the team behind the restaurant continued to practise the lesson the pandemic has taught them: the fragility of life and shared humanity. After raising 10,000 mealboxes which were donated to more than 20 hospitals in June, and most recently, 60 meal boxes for Rumah Kita Transit Home for vulnerable single mothers, Agrain will be supporting En Yuan Old Folks Home in PJ from October to December. In the spirit of 1For1, the restaurant will match the funds raised and channel them in the form of mealboxes to feed up to 35 old folks who are physically disabled, suffering from long term illnesses or have lost their family members.

Contact them at 03 2732 5170 or make your donation here.


Masala Wheels
This social enterprise food truck sells flavourful, authentic Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine while giving back to the community. Over the course of the MCO, Masala Wheels has provided subsidised meals to frontliners, university students and severely affected communities. Its #foodwithoutborders initiative uses a pay-it-forward system where donors can purchase packed meals in advance for those in need. The food truck business has since established its first brick and mortar restaurant in PJ but are still committed to aid marginalised youth and families. 

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