Sweet spots to order your Mother’s Day cake 2021

Celebrate mum by treating her to the best desserts in town.

Jaslyn Cakes' rustic Medovik honey cake (Photo: Jaslyn Cakes)

If there’s one silver lining during this global pandemic we can all agree on, it’s the rise of the creative spirit behind some of our local dining establishments. Cafés and restaurants are doling out creations that may have deviated from their primary menu to appeal to a wider range of customers, but still stuck to their core DNA nonetheless. So, pick from a rotating cast of desserts that will not only tug at your mum's heartstrings this Mother's Day but also gain her culinary approval.


Elevete Patisserie
Three exclusive desserts are on the limited-time-only Mother’s Day menu at Elevete Patisserie. Starting with the Classic Sugee Cake (left), a quintessential Malaysian favourite with royal icing. It's aromatic, comforting and will evoke fond memories that can be shared during afternoon tea. For something a little more indulgent, order Wonderlust (right), a white chocolate cream cheese mousse with strawberries. Alternatively, get a box of petits gâteaux (bottom) if you enjoy variety. It includes a miniature version of Wonderlust, a pavlova, a lemon tart and a raspberry and lychee ispahan.

RM85-RM150. Pre-order a day in advance here.


Kenny Hills Bakers
If you’d like the sugar level in your cakes slightly ratcheted down, swap whole cakes for dainty cupcakes. Available in a set of four, you’ll get two lemon vanilla cupcakes; as well as chocolate, coffee and hazelnut flavour for the rest. Embellished with a decadent, floral-shaped icing, the cupcakes are also accompanied with a Mother’s Day card for you to write a heartfelt message on.

Only available from May 7-9. Two days in advance are required for pre-order. See here for more


Jaslyn Cakes
Fans of Medovik, or Russian layer honey cake, will understand that good ones, especially in KL, are few and far between. After all, preparing and assembling the dessert is a lengthy and laborious process. But the result is a visually stunning cake with gentle notes of honey and caramel, balanced with a tangy sour cream frosting. For Mother’s Day, Jaslyn Cakes is taking pre-orders for their rustic Medovik honey cakes, decorated with fresh flowers by floral stylists Flè KL. The cakes come with two hand-stamped cards that read: “Happy Mother’s Day” and “I Love You Mum” and are packaged in a clear box.

RM137.80. To pre-order for May 8 and 9, email [email protected] to reach the Bangsar branch or [email protected] for the Mont Kiara branch.


TedBoy Baker
Pamper mum with a box of cupcakes along with a self-care package courtesy of Tanamera this weekend. Tedboy’s Red Velvet cupcakes are frosted with vanilla buttercream icing and come in a dozen — perfect for distributing calories throughout the week (though we doubt they will last that long). The self-care package includes Tanamera’s Hibiscus Facial Mask, Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub, Signature Brown Soap Bar and an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Include your message on the limited-edition Mother’s Day card and it will be on its way.

RM180. Next Day Delivery available. Order here.


Kakiyuki is famous for its fluffy shaved ice, the kind that tumbles out from a funnel before being sculpted into a fruity or sweet monolith. Every flavour —  packed with fruits, toppings or fanciful drizzles — looks like a work of art. It’s no wonder their ornate cakes, which have been attracting a lot of attention too, mimics the same level of artistry. Its Matcha Moon cake is a celebration of all things green tea, from the shiny glaze and silky smooth mousse to the spongey Jocode Biscuit. The crunchy almond praline feuilletine lends a surprise bite when you least expect it. 

RM135. Available in 8 inches whole cake only. WhatsApp 011 3105 3205⁠​ to pre-order.


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