The Biji-Biji Group seeks help to produce face shields for Covid-19 frontliners

The laser-cut shields will be disinfected using ultraviolet light (UVC) before they're sent out.

The makeshift face shields will be sent to various public hospitals in Malaysia (All photos: Biji-Biji Initiative)

The Biji-Biji Group, which comprises social enterprise Biji-Biji Initiative, alternative education space Me.reka and learning hub Taylor’s Me.reka Markerspace, are working on a relief strategy to aid frontliners fighting against Covid-19. 

The group identified a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), especially face shields, after gathering input from frontliners. Due to dwindling supplies, they have launched a decentralised production plan to produce face shields for communities in need across Malaysia.

Face shields are often used by doctors, nurses, police, screening officials, cleaners and volunteering personnel along with N95 or surgical masks for full-face protection. Currently, the group has received requests from five public hospitals for 50,000 face shields. 


The team is producing the face shields at four centres

Digital product designer Nufaiz Foat and MinNature Malaysia founder Wan Cheng Huat first rallied Malaysian 3D printing and design communities under the Facebook group, 3D Printing Malaysia Community for Covid-19, to produce face shields from 3D printers. Many individuals and companies, including Me.reka and Taylor’s University, chipped in to help meet the growing demand.    

Together with Mak Kwan Wuey from Makerzone and She Tze Jin from Taylor’s Me.reka Markerspace, the 3D printed design was replaced with a laser-cut version to reduce production time. The modified version also uses simple and accessible resources, such as elastic bands and acrylic and plastic sheets.



The group and its partners urgently need more materials for production and are seeking assistance from those who can provide direct contact with manufacturers, plastic mould makers and suppliers of 0.2mm transparent and rigid A4 plastic sheets, 4-8mm 4ft x 8ft acrylic sheets and 12-20mm elastic bands. They are also looking to connect with frontline organisations in need of face shields. 

The team aims to mobilise partners across Malaysia that have the necessary equipment to produce the protective gear. If you possess a laser engraver, laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC milling machine or have a CNC production facility that can help with manufacture, reach out to Juliana via Whatsapp message at 014 366 6286 or Ambika at 014 925 7203.

The open-source design files and the steps to create the product with laser cutters and engravers are found here. For 3D printers, see here



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Public and corporate donations are welcomed to ensure the demand is met. This can be done by purchasing the materials directly and sending it over to their production centres (Me.reka at Publika, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Spectrum Laser Studio in Kepong and Admart Solutions in Muar, Johor) or donating by cash to Biji Biji Design Sdn Bhd at 140820011062492, Alliance Bank. All corporate cash donations will be subjected to tax exemption. Email [email protected] or call Lee Kar Zhing at 012 290 8877 for more details. 

The Biji-Biji Group is also currently in the process of rapid prototyping other medical necessities, such as patient isolation boxes for treating positive-tested patients. 

They will not be taking any public volunteers to manufacture the products to ensure no further risk of spreading the virus. 


See here for more information on Biji-Biji’s relief strategy.


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