CEO of Bon Estates Chan Jin-Wy on the importance of home and how the year is shaping up for him

He has developed a passion to explore well-designed spaces.

Chan and his team are preparing for the handover of The Estate @ South Bangsar (All photos: Bon Estates)

If Chan Jin-Wy is not busy with the upcoming launch of Bon Estates’ highly anticipated Mont’Kiara residential project, he is huddling up with his team to discuss the next big thing. The CEO clues us in on how he is embracing 2021 personally and professionally.

Options: How has 2021 been treating you so far?
Chan Jin-Wy: So far, things have been great! We definitely had a great start to the year and I feel that, this time around, I’m more prepared for the shortcomings of MCO 2.0 than before. Although we had a rather subdued Chinese New Year celebration this year, I was very grateful to still be able to have family around with whom to celebrate it. It made me realise and cherish the closeness and warmth of having a celebration [among close-knit family] that we often overlook.

What are the most important business and life lessons the pandemic has taught you?
I could go on about the things this pandemic has made me reflect upon. Nevertheless, the top two takeaways are: to be on your toes and be as adaptive as [possible] especially when it comes to making critical decisions on the spot. Also, strong mental health and resilience are imperative to weather any challenges that come your way.

It would appear the lockdowns have been good for the property industry, with people realising the importance of a nice home. Would you agree?
I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always believed that a well-curated home that’s designed with one’s future in mind will naturally improve the comfort and quality of life of its residents, including their emotional or mental states.

What projects is Bon Estates working on right now?
We are currently preparing for the handover of The Estate @ South Bangsar and making preparations for the launch of our highly anticipated Mont’Kiara residential project.


The Estate @ South Bangsar

WFH or WFO. Which works better for you and why?
WFO works better for me. It’s more convenient for me to huddle up with the team and we can instantly iron out important matters. WFH has its benefits too of reduced travelling time and jumping out of bed and straight into a meeting, but to each his own.

What digital tools, apps or gadgets helped you work through the disruptions of 2020?
What we have been using since our inception are the various Google apps, Dropbox and Microsoft tools. We had been utilising tools like these for team collaborations even before the pandemic, so it was quite easy for us to ease into WFH last year.

Describe your own living space and which were your favourites, or which proved most comforting to you during the lockdowns.
During the lockdown, there were lots of Zoom calls to attend to, hence I naturally spent most of my hours in the study. However, I do dedicate a little corner of this room for taking a breather between calls; whether it’s to practise my putting drills or just laze on my beanbag to reset myself.



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Where are you dreaming of travelling to once the borders reopen and why?
I have a travelling system. I will usually visit countries in alphabetical order so that I am able to cover the not-so-common spots. This time it’s “F”, so it’s either Fiji, Finland or France. Right now, I would choose Finland after seeing so many travelogues on YouTube. Its culture and eye for design is what entices me to mark it as my next destination.

What are you reading right now?
The Infinite Game by British-American author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek. It speaks on business continuity with innovation and the essential practices of an infinite-minded leader. Highly recommended for those who aim to build a resilient organisation.

Describe your perfect KL weekend.
Especially after experiencing this pandemic, I cannot stress enough the importance of spending quality time with my family on weekends. I’ve also developed a passion to explore well-designed spaces and discover new pop-ups over the weekend. I love getting inspired! Certain spaces were definitely an eye-opener to me and provided food for thought on drawing inspiration for the projects we’re working on.   


This article first appeared on Mar 29, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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